The Jewish New Year 5771… L’shanah tovah!

I sent this email out at work:

As it is the Jewish New Year 5771, please find apples and honey in the usual place (outside my office 9.219 in C4). And in lieu of challah bread, please find Ritz crackers! For Rosh Hashanah we eat apples dipped in honey to symbolize sweetness in the new year.

Everyone only ate the Ritz crackers.

Newly-married Heather and Mark

Bryan, despite his jet lag, had a great time in Seattle at the wedding of our dear friends. And as a bonus my mom happened to be visiting my brother and sister-in-law the same weekend. Lucky duck got to see them all. He was doing this

While my right-hand man, Master Jonah, and I were busy all weekend doing this (hint: putting everything on the head)

Baby Quinn arrived to Sarah and Josh yesterday morning

And to be totally shallow about a baby- Look how beautiful she is!



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8 responses to “welcoming…

  1. Kerry

    Love to see another Miss Quinn in the world…my own is busy learning to say “ball” and “dog!”

  2. Rebecca

    wait, why would everyone only eat the Ritz crackers? That’s so weird to me.

    Whatever Jonah is eating looks good. I guess he is in a put-everything-on-his-head stage?

  3. If you look at the photo really fast, it looks like a rat on his head. Sorry, bad Nene. I am the luckiest mom and mom-in-law in the world! Did that make up for my remark about the rat? Is that seriously his breakfast?

  4. yael

    So I probably need to address the breakfast. Restaurants tell you to order off the children’s menu but then give adult-sized portions. Jonah always eats about 2 bites and plays with the rest. Scrambled eggs happen to be really fun to throw and toast (achem, not a rat) goes on the head quite nicely.

  5. planetface

    To be fair I ate some apple and some honey. But the Ritz crackers were the best!

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