Chipotle is one of those few American things that many of us Patriots Abroad feverishly hope will come to wherever in the world we are (along with ESPN, Target and ranch dressing).

I mentioned that Chipotle finally made its UK debut last year (what took so long?) but after all the hand-wringing, we got lazy and never went. Turns out there are other burrito joints in London to tide one over.

This past bank holiday we finally made good on our desire to check it out. Besides the fact that it’s in a terrible location (presumably to capitalize on the proximity to as many American tourists as possible), it was perfect in every way.

Me and my burrito, sharing a burrito



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4 responses to “chipotle

  1. trener

    Best friends eating a burrito… too cute!

  2. DM

    Thank you for the round up! That photo is so adorable I can’t stand it. Honestly. I had to look away.

  3. sonjey

    me and my burrito! That was the cutest expression and photo too!

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