paper and paperless

Around the first week we arrived into London, I had the sudden shocking and concerning realization that the United States has a different paper size than the rest of the world.

Than the rest of the world.

That’s the type of bold (and italicized) behavior that one might not realize one’s native country engages in until one moves out of said bold country.

But really- paper? Why?

I am all for the unique and (sortof) globally-loved birthrights that come with being American: flag displaying, large portion eating, unapologetic enthusiasm and confidence, superior taste in film and tv making, mixing chocolate and peanut butter… but the break with rest of the world on sizing is nonsensical and difficult.

Try making a recipe out of a British cookery book. Vice versa. I don’t like to weigh ingredients and my British friends don’t own “cups”. What is a person to do? I am always having to buy clothes that make me think I am fat, shoes that make think I have bound feet and I always have the wrong reaction when someone is exclaiming to me about the temperature. They will say something like “on holiday it was 30 degrees!” and I will say “oh I am so sorry, that sucks”.

Paper though, is the worst. Especially because there is no rational reason the U.S. can’t join the rest of the world. This cute binder won’t hold my “important” papers from Before London.

The ISO- A series system is one that makes sense. Young children can even understand the concept of doubling. Of halving.

I want to hear the argument against adopting such a system. Inertia? Or more likely, reluctance to acknowledge that another way might be superior.

I am not good at keeping up my Blogroll because I don’t remember that often to read blogs. I am too busy devoting myself to this floundering one.

But here are some I might be reading today: – because I laugh every time. – a new expat (bad word, I know) blog that captures the excitement of moving here and also has lots of food pics (yes!) – my friend from law school with simple New York stories (and will be even better once she moves to Brooklyn) – by a friend of a friend. If you like Before and After projects as much as me, but don’t want to do any manual labor or decision-making yourself – just waiting for it to resume (please, please) – because my mom/mum is funny, and also because I can’t believe she learned how to upload photos



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2 responses to “paper and paperless

  1. Brian B.

    So which one of those A_ sizes is 8.5 x 11? If we won’t do metric, we certainly won’t do this.

  2. Rebecca

    your new blog isn’t floundering! It seems people just aren’t into Bachelor Pad. Silly people. I haven’t had a chance to watch this week yet but when I do I am quite certain I will have comments. You and me will see this season through goshdarnit!

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