u.s. of a. trip part 2: the cruise

Gary, where are you? Also, I look good.

Sandra, Sandy, San, Sonjey, Sonj, Mom, Nanny – my mother-in-law – celebrated her 60th birthday on Saturday and in its honor she generously took her family on a cruise the week before from NY to Florida and the Bahamas. Gary, Sonj’s brother, and his kids Alex and Claire surprised her on the cruise. We were in on it and it was awesome to see. So there were 12 of us in all.

We toasted and roasted Sonj on the boat but it’s worth mentioning again that she is a truly special person. She has the capacity to love, remember, forgive, laugh, smile, support, cheer on, endear, lighten, listen and believe that most people can only dream of. Her students love her, her friends love her, her family is a family because of her. I won the MIL lottery. Happy Birthday, Sonj!

Now, on to cruising. Cruising is a polarizing concept. There are two types of people. The suspicious ones. And then the ones that have done it and love it. I come from a world of suspects. Bryan’s family are the cruise-loving type. By marriage now I have three cruises under my belt. I don’t turn my nose up at rooms with balconies overlooking rushing ocean water as a constant background soundtrack, swimming pools in the sunshine, tropical islands, outdoor bars, sunbathing, all-you-can-eat 24/7, spa, gym, ice sculptures, chocolate buffets, Nickelodeon characters for the kids, walking out of a casino a winner or nightly entertainment that includes Second City (I die) and Cirque Bijou. Sometimes you don’t want to inspect a rental car or stress about restaurant reservations. Every now and then, it’s nice not to need a guidebook. IJS. (And how fun are cousin triplets?)

Also, do you know about the towel animals on cruises? You should.



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2 responses to “u.s. of a. trip part 2: the cruise

  1. A lovefest, cruise-style. Sonjey’s birthday gift to herself was perfect and fun and fabulous. You rock, Nanny!

  2. sonjey

    OMG! Thanks Yaelie for a wonderful reminder of how amazing the week was. If I didn’t have the the special people with me, I know it would not have been nearly as memorable…Thanks again to Yael, Bryan, Jonah, Lindsay, Michael, Aidan, Shea, Gary, Alex, Claire and Charlie. You ROCK MY WORLD!

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