u.s. of a. trip part 1: va and ny

I love visiting our homeland in August (or Sept) when we are guaranteed fantastic weather and high spirits from our peeps. What American can be in a bad mood in August?? I am probably projecting. This entire week since we’ve returned to London, it has been cold, grey and rainy. Wintry monsoons. Before Labor Day! But back to happier times…


Becky & Sean host wee ones and wee ones’ parents in their big new home

NeNe & DeDe’s (my mom and stepdad) house and near

Josh surprise visited us all the way from Seattle! Good uncle. Good bro. Good New Brother.

BDPPB and MiMi (my dad and stepmom) were so nice to host lots of our family and friends and babies to a bbq and pool day in Fredericksburg.

Train to Manhatty. I’ll admit (dad), it’s a nice way to travel. Some kind of unearned nostalgia washes over me. I get all the devotees out there.

The Big Apple

30 minute crossing paths with Micah (other bro) and Janelle. That 30 minutes was huge.

In NY just in time for Bryan’s 34th birthday on The Frying Pan (thanks for the cupcakes, Bridge!)

Jonah’s first Mets game at CitiField


Really good meals with really good people

Low-key mayhem capped it all off (no pics)…  We love that our family and friends make the treks and effort when we divebomb into town twice a year. It is not lost on us how people come out in full force and with plenty of love for Jonah too when we step on U.S. soil. We missed you all the second we left. And this wintry monsoon isn’t helping.


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One response to “u.s. of a. trip part 1: va and ny

  1. It was a whirlwind of love, American-style.

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