perfect american

We’re on holiday at the moment (don’t burglarize our flat, mmkay.). Being in the U.S. is like falling in to bed after a long day. You can exhale. I understand what everyone’s saying and I am allowed to switch my fork to my right hand after cutting my food to eat it. Also, Wendy’s. Brings tears to my eyes.

We had a beautiful time with family and friends in Virginia. Now we’re in NYC to see more friends and then Saturday we leave for a cruise with Bryan’s family to celebrate his mom’s 60th. Obviously at some point I may post 100 photos here and your eyes may bleed.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to my crush, my man, my former boyf, my husband, my babbydaddy, Jonah’s dada, my parents’ favorite, my in-laws’ favorite, everyone’s favorite…Bryan. With a Y. Love you.



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11 responses to “perfect american

  1. Carrie in NYC

    Yael, I cannot agree with you more. The #6 (spicy chicken) meal at Wendy’s ranks right at the top of my “favorite foods” list. With a chocolate Frosty, of course. I hope you’re having a great time while you’re in town! The weather is supposed to be solid this weekend, as far as August days in NYC go.

  2. Welcome “home” for the time being and Happy Birthday, Bryan with a Y!

  3. Faye

    I agree with being able to exhale in the US. I feel like I can breath easier there. Maybe it’s the wide streets and tall buildings, it’s not so claustrophobic. Miss you don’t move back yet!

  4. “Being in the U.S. is like falling in to bed after a long day.” I love that. It felt just the same to me, being back in the UK. Beautiful phrase.

  5. sonjey

    Happy Birthday to my Bry with a “Y”. You are a very special man, a great son and for everyone to know….. the most amazing father..da da in the world.
    Thank you for you!!!

  6. toshalot

    I love all the times you come home to the u.s. and I don’t get to see you because I live on the west coast 😦

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