two weekends of visitors and some other stuff

Perhaps you were wondering if I had died. Shame on you for not calling 911/999. Humph.

This morning I was laying in bed 99% asleep, as I do, when Bryan came in the room- immediately breaking the well-worn marital equilibrium we have achieved as part of our morning routine. What was supposed to be happening at that moment was I would be dreaming a convoluted story involving the guy I shared my locker with senior year of high school, a Triceratops and peanut allergies while Bryan should have been waking and dressing Jonah for nursery. People, you’ve seen me. You don’t look this good without beauty sleep.

Instead, basically asleep I sensed that Bryan was hovering over me, arms outstretched, huge sh*t-eating grin on his face. He seemed so pleased with himself and as soon as he uttered the one word -Victory- I knew. Because that’s what it’s like when you’ve been with someone for 11 years. You know their tics, their language, their emotions, even their alpaca impressions.

Bryan (read: The mousetrap) finally killed our mouse.

Praise be.


Becky, Sean and baby James visited the weekend before last

Before attending a family wedding in Ireland, my oldest friend (tied with her twin sister) Becky visited us in London with her husband and their 4-month old. I was nervous to host a family of three- more for them than us. But not only was the visit perfect and James is an easy and happy baby, but my heart is warmed at the experience of raising our families together.

I can remember being 9 in pigtails and playing in my friends’ backyard. I know what Becky looked like at her Bat Mitzvah at 13. When we were in college and the whole world was still before us, I remember hours spent visiting one another’s schools and debriefing on the exhilarating world of new adulthood. That is the kind of friend whose baby you really want to hold, and the same friend who will bring tears to your eyes when you see her play with your own child. Just the realization that this is of course how it was always meant to be.

A quick word on Master James: More than one British inhabitant commented that he looked like Winston Churchill, that being a compliment of course. If there is a baby with bigger cheeks the world over, none of us has met him or her. I love sweet James.

A quick word on Master Jonah: Who knew my son had such a caretaking side? All he wanted to do in James’s presence was pat him tenderly. I would say that we might as well make him a younger sibling but I am afraid my mom might add that to her Outlook calendar.

A quick word on Becky and Sean: I loved my time with them and to know better this fantastic person my friend married. Also, they are both obsessed with their BlackBerries.

Fat baby loving Other fat baby

Caption contest, submit your entries now

Hyde Park and gratuitous shot of my haircut the one day I liked it


The hot babysitters that let the rest of us hit the town in Covent Garden

The little family of 3 saw the sights


Look at that smile! Those eyelashes!


Then this past weekend Greg was here

I have lost track but I think this is Greg’s fourth visit to London while we have lived here. I think he is now tied with Bryan’s mom for the win. Greg found time to come and see us between a week’s vaca in Spain and France and business trips to Singapore and Hong King, with some free time in Bali in between. Can you imagine?

Greg is good at loving on Jonah and one day will teach him to surf. Not that I am plotting out my child’s future. We had a great dinner out, spent some warm weather time kickin’ it near the canals in North London and Greg shucked oysters and ate then over our kitchen sink. Such a Renaissance man.




Then Monday night Mariel was in town

Mariel was also coming off that same Spain/France week involving nothing less than being in Barcelona for the Spain World Cup win and the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

I would have a picture of our night out but I was too busy questioning my recent decision to avoid the sunlight (I might as well just give in and read/watch those Vampire Edward things) as well as obsessing over the new rad speakeasy in our ‘hood.


Also, this is a new Bachelorette blog. It’s important to have goals in life. Pretty please, check it out.



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6 responses to “two weekends of visitors and some other stuff

  1. becky

    Love love love love. PS we’re coming back this weekend. Pat pat.

  2. I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start. But of course I do: I was beginning to think you had an extraterrestrial being in your flat, disguised as a mouse. Bravo to PC. His powers are endless. James and Jonah together: Is there a word that means “cuter than anything on the planet”? Last, it’s not in my Outlook calendar; it’s in my Daytimer. IN INK. Pat pat.

  3. Big daddy pop-pop butch

    Yael: Did you use bacon as the bait?

  4. Wow, I remember the bacon thing on Highland.

  5. toshalot

    love those two little boys 🙂

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