all the things i read today when i probably should have been doing something else

I think my officemate, Mike, and I are a good microcosm of Ameri-Anglo relations. Mutual love. Mutual skepticism. Many questions.

It’s only a little pressure on a daily basis to each as a token represent millions of people when trying to field an understandably suspect barrage of questioning.

For example:

Mike: U.S. elections are something! (Referring to the fact that even the British press has now picked up on the story of the Democratic Senate candidate in South Carolina who has no computer, no cell phone, no gift of public speaking and his economic stimulus plan to combat unemployment is for an action toy of his likeness to be produced and sold en mass.) Makes our politicians look so boring.

Me: Well, you’re right on that. It’s snooze city in Ol’ Blighty.

(As I bite my tongue and refrain from mentioning the following news report:

The queen is freezing salaries for royal servants and aides earning more than $73,500, and reviewing all vacant slots with an eye to reducing her staff of 1,400 — which includes a royal piper who plays under her window in the mornings as well as an official counter of swans.

I bite my tongue because Mike is still cross from my past suggestions that Prince Harry is not actually related to a Royal. The ginger hair. You know.)

-some time passes-

Mike: Are North Dakota and South Dakota two separate states?

Me: Yes.

Me: Wait… not really. I mean, they’re sorta the same. You couldn’t pick them out of a lineup.

Mike: Oh.

‘Parenting makes people less happy.’ I get it. I just don’t believe it.

I always call myself a picky eater. I take that back. The only thing that I wouldn’t eat if stranded on a desert island is fish/seafood. Yes, the irony is not lost on me. All my other dislikes would still go down my gullet undeterred by a pesky gag reflex. Not so for these people.



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5 responses to “all the things i read today when i probably should have been doing something else

  1. Pleban

    Glad to see NY Mag is still making an appearance. I read that article this morning. I still haven’t figured out how I feel about it…..

    • yael

      I am glad to see YOU are still making an appearance.

      Where’ve you been all my life?

      Speaking of My Favorite Magazine of All Time- apparently it is impossible to procure outside New York. It makes sense but it doesn’t mean I am happy.

  2. Actually, South Dakota has the longer rap sheet.

  3. toshalot

    i just spent a week in south dakota and most of the people i met there were from north dakota … they come to south dakota to work in all of the state parks and memorials. hmm.

  4. Big daddy pop-pop butch

    Did you explain to your office mate that the South Carolina Democratic candidate was not much different than other Senate candidates running as Democrats?

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