where were we?

Prolly we’ve done a few things since last I publicized the minutiae of our life. But I can’t remember all of it. Working, sick baby, husband who claims we don’t have mice… blah, blah, blah.

Bryan took me to see Grizzly Bear.

A friend turned us on to the urban oasis that is the Hyde Park lido. Would you believe this baby was sitting in this middle of one of the world’s biggest and busiest cities?

Sarah & Andrea hosted a 4th of July barbecue on Saturday. It was a wonderful time at their new home and an enjoyable World Cup viewing to see who was hated more- the German team or Maradona. But you know how you can tell the difference between Europeans and Americans at a bbq? The European couples are all making out. I am not kidding. And man that almost ruined my Independence Day.

On the actual 4th we went with friends to see Jay-Z in Hyde Park. I swear the crowd was not all-white. And holy did Jay-Z kill it. It was such a good show. What is it about him that when he says to a crowd of 60,000 “I appreciate each and every one of you”, I believe him?

Nothing can make you more homesick for Amurrica then when Jay-Z and not-Alicia Keys launch into an amazing rendition of “Empire State of Mind” on a beautiful night in an open-air park and behind the stage is a massive lit display of the NYC skyline. No matter that the skyline is actually only really visible from the hellhole that is the BQE or that no matter how hard I pretend that my 6-year stint in gentrified Bococa somehow makes me homies with Jay-Z growing up in the Marcy Projects in Bed-Stuy, it’s not true. I love that guy and we loved the show. On the way out police kept us temporarily behind a gate for crowd control. Some cop with a megaphone was attempting to add levity and called out “all the Americans to the back!” and the crowd went wild with hysterics. And I got uppity and that made some British douchebags laugh even harder. And that got me wondering- wait, did we all just see a JAY-Z show? Jay-Z from AMERICA? Not Jay-Zed. WE SAY ZEE, NOT ZED- SUCK IT.

Also, Jonah is a perfect and incredibly fantastic son. It’s just a bonus that I think he likes watching The Bachelorette too.

Also, we just started teeth brushing. Guess who doesn’t like it?

(Yes, I’ve had a haircut.)



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3 responses to “where were we?

  1. erica

    love the haircut. love jonah looking adorable in hyde park. love that you guys saw jay-z.

  2. toshalot

    yes, i’m a fan of the haircut too 🙂

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