two great nations heartbroken in a single weekend. happy monday!

It’s 90 degrees in London. I am so hot and sweaty I am not even going to convert that into centigrade. There is no air con anywhere. It’s Africa hot.

Speaking of

Such high hopes going into the weekend. The way I looked at it, we were going to come out on the other end with at least one victorious World Cup team.

Or not.

Saturday night I stayed home with Jonah during the USA match. I screamed so loud out the balcony when Landon Donovan scored that hours later when the outcome was done and dusted and I happened to be standing out there for some reason, a woman in the building next door looked out her curved bay window, shrugged and made a face of disappointment in solidarity.

Sunday, in happier times

Jonah’s first (and last?) vuvuzela

On a happier note, little Romili had her mukhebhat- a Bengali Indian rice eating ceremony when a baby eats her first solid food- fed by the maternal uncle. There is also another symbolic part of the ceremony when the child picks an item from a silver platter to indicate what their future will hold. The parents in this case seemed very pleased and relieved when Rom picked the tennis ball. Jonah and I had an excuse to wear our gifts from other Indian friends. I am still gunning for a sari so hopefully someone gets married.



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2 responses to “two great nations heartbroken in a single weekend. happy monday!

  1. Lovely! Much happiness to Romili and many winning tennis games to come.

  2. toshalot

    Well if someone had to beat the USA, I’m glad it was Ghana. And I’m glad there is still an African country in the running 🙂

    You and J look adorable 😉

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