and nene flew away

My mother left London this morning. Early. Early departures are good. Less emotional.

Jonah had his NeNe for two weeks. Two whole weeks

to try her spaghetti and meatballs

to get extra TLC when poorly

for game playing

to guard the milk

for an in-house photog to capture Mother / Son computer time

for adventures like Taste of London

to go visit Mommy at work

for walks in Hyde Park

to get lessons and stories

Two whole weeks to be loved on by NeNe.



Filed under family, jonah, london, photos

6 responses to “and nene flew away

  1. friend

    Three generations captured on film! Love it. Who’s the guy in the green hoodie??

  2. Josh

    Is it possible that Jonah is getting cuter?

  3. sonjey

    lucky lady!!!!!!!you are blessed!

  4. aunt barky

    why am I crying? I’m too emotional for my own good. I love stories in pictures. Jonah looks very happy to have NeNe there.

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