so many things (plus, he’s 1!)

Our lives have been very, very, very busy lately. So busy that I try and stay up really late at night to upload pictures or respond to emails or at least feign a dedicated blogging attempt. And Bryan has never approved of my night owl ways. And now that bossy husband of mine has an ally.

The mouse.

Last night when I was up late, as per usual, s/he ran out again. Is it possible Bryan imported the mouse- knowing a creepy nocturnal rodent would get me to go to sleep on time? It’s always the same. I scream for Bryan to wake up. He doesn’t. So I hurdle the couch and other furniture so that I can leap into the hallway by bypassing the kitchen- just in case the mouse was considering attacking me. Then I jump into bed hyperventilating.

This morning I decided I was really hungry for a piece of toast. It took a while to get my appetite back.

USA v England. USA v. Slovenia. Not the dramatic conclusions we were all anticipating. But I have been enjoying all the media reports that USA has gone soccer crazy (although can our nation really love a sport where we always tie?). They’ll never love it this much:

Last weekend though was really all about The Most Important 1st Birthday of All Time. Jonah was a little sick but rallied for Sunday. We had 20 friends in Regent’s Park on blankets with food (KFC included, yes) and tons of drink (they sell Pimm’s and lemonade in a can!) and it truly was a lovely afternoon. People were so gracious with love and good wishes and it’s just a reminder that Jonah has a wonderful family away from family. Also, my mom and I made the Smitten Kitchen yellow birthday cake. Completely, totally lives up to her hype. It’s worth it. I went elsewhere for a frosting recipe and was pleased that the mixing and matching really panned out.

Plus, Christina gave him his first Euro bathing suit!

And Daddy got him his first Sanchez jersey

And his adoring grandparents and uncles and aunts and family friends loved from afar

Wednesday night mom and I went to Legally Blonde: The Musical. I MEAN, HOW CAN I NOT LOVE IT? One of the most fun shows I have seen. And the Brits did a very believable American accent. I thought it was sweet that the program had two pages in the front dedicated to explaining relevant American terms to the audience (preppie, Homecoming, sorority…). What was even awesomer was that during intermission the scores for the current World Cup match were posted and similar announcements made over the intercom. During the song and dance number “Is he gay or European?” I really felt the pride of living here. I hate how American men dress. One of the few things the British get right.

What else they get right is dressing up for snooty events. More on that next time. Because big hats and Royal Ascot deserves its own post.



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2 responses to “so many things (plus, he’s 1!)

  1. toshalot

    Everything was awesome except the photos of the mouse-munched bread. Eww.

    J is such a handsome little fellow. I’m glad he enjoyed his 1st birthday 😉

  2. Auntie Fig

    I am so very glad that Jonah turned out way more handsome/edible/gorgeous than those freaky computer generated images created for your shower. PHEW!!

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