one year

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Happy Birthday, my heart.



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10 responses to “one year

  1. sonjey

    I could not wait for this……. it is precious…. my favorite….. every single one of them… this is a little book for a birthday….. please?????

  2. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Jonah

  3. aunt barky

    I’m crying. Love the progression. Happy birthday Jonah!

  4. Virginia

    It is truly momentous…and what a great picture story, the expressions are priceless…and it only gets better and better. Happy Birthday J-man!

  5. Josh

    That is great. Very cool.

  6. toshalot

    What a wonderful little secret you’ve kept the past year! I feel like its a present for me seeing this pics. Happy birthday, dear Jonah 🙂

  7. Kasper

    That’s a great idea to take those pictures!! Don’t mind if we steal that idea come October.

  8. Jeremy

    I have that same stuffed animal! Cool.

  9. Auntie Fig

    If you’re making a book, order two! Yay for Jonah! Paddington is cute and culturally appropriate 🙂

  10. yael

    Thanks all! Kasper, definitely steal the idea. All good ideas are borrowed anyway. I got this one from a college friend.

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