world cup fever pitch

World Cup fever started in London months ago. It’s actually amazing to live here during the build-up. Let’s see what I say once it has begun.

It’s nice to be in a part of the world that has a deep-rooted nationalistic in-the-blood love, obsession and devotion to soccer. Football. Soccer. Football. You know what I mean.

I haven’t fully digested what it means to live here during this time and England just happens to play the United States Saturday night. What are the odds? What is the meaning?

All I know is… how do I say this… I might be rooting for England.

Above all else in the world, I love my family. I treasure my good health and safe living. I am not about to throw caution to the wind with football fans. Not in this part of the world. And if the U.S. wins, I am saying I am Canadian. Or I am going incognito.



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4 responses to “world cup fever pitch

  1. haha i’d have to say that since i am a big of the premiere league i will be rooting for England – even though i’m good ol american! lol
    i want to def. get an England jersey for my son one day – my hubby would love that! we’re both fans!
    enjoy the hype and atmosphere as there is next to none here 😦

  2. toshalot

    Seriously? How did you get J to do that for the camera? And seriously? You even got him soccer socks! Soooooooooooooooooo cute!

  3. Sarah

    Upon seeing these latest photos of Jonah, Josh commented, “We can only hope that our child is half as cute as Jonah.” Here’s hoping. Happy belated, sweet boy!

  4. yael

    Uncle Josh gets credit for the awesome soccer outfit/football kit!

    As for the tricks… I swear Jonah just starting doing that himself. It must be the English water…

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