catching up

Or not.

The problem with writing this blog after midnight is that the chances have increased exponentially that I will see the mouse running across the kitchen floor. The mouse. Yep, I am pretending there is only one. But one is enough to make me sweat and cry at every glimpse. And scream for Bryan to awake from slumber. Please oh please, several blog readers, tell me how to get rid of it. Even humanely. Please.

I was having trouble deciding what to blog about. Here were my choices:

(A) My law firm’s Summer Party on Friday night. 1,000 people dressed up, some with a “50s Prom” theme. There was a marching band. A confetti drop. And hula hoops. And flag girls. Where did they dig flag girls out in the UK?? And I broke a cardinal rule known to every once and former employment lawyer: don’t drink at an office party. I managed to shriekily converse with the managing party of the entire firm and also lose my ATM and subway cards. Which some mysterious man returned to my office yesterday. Which then begs the important question: um, why did he wait three days?

(B) The rest of our weekend which was lovely and involved engagement drinks for a friend and seeing Alice in Wonderland in an open air theatre in the park. Tim Burton is kind of awesome. Who knew.

(C) Jonah is the cutest baby/toddler. It’s true so deal with it.

(Or if you’re a Judgy type, you’re just focused on the pacifier/dummy in his mouth. Boo to you.)

(D) The sad reality that my grocery store has finally caved in completely to the Amerikanskies.

(E) The Mall. I dragged Bryan and Jonah to The Mall Saturday night. We’re sort of secretly very taken with it. I have blogged about it before. But why not a deeper look…

Look how upscale the “food court” is. Not a McDonald’s to be seen. Only high-end international “street food” served on real plates with real utensils (this is an aspect of British life that I will heart forever and ever: their distaste for paper products at a meal.)

Also at the toy store I was pleased to see that in the all-encompassing reality of selling “toys” to young girls that replicate all the less desirable aspects of growing up stereotypically female, you can buy a complete array of fake cleaning products. Hey kids, LET’S IRON!!!

And there is a mall map guide that will basically GPS/satnav your route to the store you want to find.

(F) My mom.

She’s here now visiting for a few weeks. Bonding with the J man. Cleaning up after us and watching The Bachelorette with me. It’s good to have mommy.



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15 responses to “catching up

  1. Elizabeth

    I remember a mouse running across our kitchen floor when I was growing up. My mother screamed so loudly that the mouse keeled over and died. She literally scared it to death. Worth a shot?

  2. I was having trouble seeing how your grocery store has caved on to America. If you’re talking about the Rittz crackers – I used to eat them when I was little – well over 28 years ago!!

    You could also then get Ritz cheese sandwiches, which came in a yellow pack and were two Ritz crackers sandwiched together by this gross cheese paste that had the same consistency as custard creams.

    They were disgusting – especially to a 10 year old!

  3. Dr Nick

    Also a London dweller here who has recently discovered a mouse in my flat – I guess it’s these old Victorian houses!
    The old fashioned snap traps work with peanut butter, although you have to bend them a bit to make them more sensitive.

    Have already caught two… the sad fact is, if you’ve seen one there’s likely to be a few more.

  4. Jeremy

    Catching / exterminating upwards of 35 mice between Nov. 2003 through May 2004 has made me, in part, the man I am today. I’m an expert exterminator. If you are truly dedicated to ridding yourself of these creatures, contact me. Teaser: To catch the mouse, you must think like the mouse.

    • yael

      I will contact you and I still can’t believe you became the Mouse Serial Killer of Brooklyn Heights for a while. It is because of you I know about steel wool.

  5. mdouruis25

    I remember seeing a mouse in the crackden Kasper and I lived in during the first year of law school. My mom told me to throw something at it and it would run away and bother someone else. I threw a frisbee at it. It hit the “mouse” (likely “rat”). The mouse just shook its head and stared at me. I packed and left the apartment immediately and spent the remaining week of my lease on someone’s couch. If moving isn’t an option – good luck!

    • yael

      That story actually gives me shivers. A mouse impervious to a frisbee. Ugh.

    • Kasper

      The cold made them imperviuos to damage, and the free food at Queen made them stronger.

      The other day I realized that the place Jenny and I are in now is LESS expensive than that shithole. And we’re in a big 3/2, right on the water. On weekends, I sit on our balcony and watch the boats go by.

  6. Mary Ellen

    I’m so sorry for your mouse trouble. I’ve had two mouse episodes in the past ten months, and I’ve learned a thing or two. 1) I really hate having a mouse in the house -screamed EVERY time I saw it & 2) You probably need professionals to get rid of it. We tried humane traps (w/peanut butter/chocolate bait), nada, then moved on to ‘die mouse die’ traps. No luck. I especially started freaking out when the mouse was not being caught/killed/persuaded to leave and people keep telling me. ‘You know, it’s never only ONE mouse….’ At that point, we called an exterminator who brought serious mice killing poison and no more mouse/mice. Amen.

    I was just talking about this tonight with my son when we were discussing the fox biting the baby twins in Hackney-saying to him can you imagine what a fit I would’ve had in that situation bearing in mind how I handled the mouse?! In addition to my mouse trauma, I have my Hitchcockian experience of having birds come down the chimney into my living room (twice). I learned I’m not a big fan of the bird either.

    On the pronounciation question, I say ‘way-trose.’ And Ritz crackers are at most UK grocery stores, but are mainly Ritz crumbs, so, not so wonderful. I was more excited to see Snyder pretzels. 🙂 at my grocery store. After 13 years living in UK, I’ve gotten over missing most food things and have pared down my ‘American brand only’ requirements to chocolate chips & syrup. I know they sell the real Canadian syrup here, but my palate was ruined way to long ago on Aunt Jemima to go back now. Do you have your U.S. visitors bring over any special food requests for you?

    • yael

      I grew up in a old house with ants, squirrels in the attic and birds coming through the chimney. I just seem to draw the line at mouse.

      And you raise an interesting point about American food cravings. It is totally true that the longer you’re here, the more whittled down they get. Plus, it seems like all the good stuff makes it’s way here eventually (now I see microwave popcorn in the store). I am probably down to a handful of things. Lately it’s a bizarre craving for chocolate covered pretzels. So American. Like Flipz!

      I agree on the chocolate chips. And I would add pancake mix to the list. Forget crepes! I want buttermilk, baby.

  7. toshalot

    I absolutely HATE rodents of all kinds. Boyfriend had some living in the walls of his house and I screamed and cried and went dizzy every time I heard a scratch on the wall or saw a blur crawl under the sink. I would make him piggyback me from the living room to the front door if I had on open toed shoes (bc I obsessively imagine they want to nibble on my exposed toes). I have no advice for you unfortunately. I, myself, have considered hypnotism to relieve me of my severe phobia. My therapist promised she would never suggest exposure therapy bc at the mention of it I began hysterically crying and pulling my hair.

    Anywho. I don’t even like the “m” word, it sends shivers up my spine which is why I say “rodent” instead.

    I like options A and C for discussion. You know, why the dude waited so long to return your personals lost at the party where you got tipsy. A marching band!? Oh, and I agree Jonah is one major cutie, binky or no 😉

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