three years (and eleven years)

Happy Anniversary to my Bryan. If I am very honest, you’re pretty much the hottest and funniest and smartest guy and best dad on the planet. I’m happy to be your kept woman. Usually.



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7 responses to “three years (and eleven years)

  1. Adrian Adonis

    If I had a blog I would write an Opus about the last 11 years of bliss. But I don’t. Instead, you get this unwitty comment (perhaps my first ever). I love you Ya, you are the wind beneath my wings. Bette Middler styleeeeeee.

  2. Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids! Love that photo!

  3. aunt barky

    Happy Anniversary!

    PS How many poos did Jonah have today?

  4. erica

    gorgeous gorgeous photo! happy anniversary darlings!

  5. So proud to be mom of and mother-in-law of. Happy Anniversary, you two. I’ll save the hugs for five days from today.

  6. sonjey

    We’ll celebrate all anniversaries, 1st birthdays, 2nd birthdays, thirtysomething birthdays and other not so important birthdays in August! can’t wait

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