josh and sarah in london (during very warm weather)

Josh and Sarah, en route from New York (their home) to Istanbul (for vaca), came to see us for the weekend. It was a great time. Also, they are one of those couple friends that we have met 652 different ways. Small world and all that. I went to high school with Josh. Sarah ran the same marathon I worked on while working in fundraising. Sarah and Josh both worked at the same company as Bryan. Okay three ways, not 652. But still a lot. Loads.

Also, they brought us New York bagels.

Sarah is 24 weeks with child and she is my kind of prego lady. Enjoying life. Doesn’t contact her doctor every time she is going to eat cheese. And is going to Turkey.

London was hot. Blue skies. Beautiful. But hot. The world is hotter without AC. Also, I like to think of Sarah and Josh as foodies. Sarah used to blog about her List. So they were the perfect people to take to Borough Market and then to some London institutions. One was The River Cafe. And so when we were seated and I legitimately asked where the river view was, the woman at the table next to me (a regular, ie wealthy) said “bad luck”. Indeed. The only time in my life to go to The River Cafe and the Thames is blocked due to sidewalk construction. But no matter. We had delicious Italian food, great wine and Bryan even got to argue with the car driver home about the fare. A trifecta of favorite things.

We have had a few visitors here in London. And I do sometimes feel the pressure mounts on us as hosts. Just in case the people back at base are all trading tales. Some guests got to see Claudia Schiffer. Others got to ride a bus with us that was turned around by riot police. And of course one saw Gwyneth, Chris and Madonna all at the same time.

So I was relieved when during a beautifully al fresco snack on the high street on Saturday, we observed a man who was pacing on a precarious almost nonexistent ledge after crawling out a window of his flat during what seemed to be an altercation with his girlfriend. He was pacing above the shops (incidentally above the very restaurant where Bryan once spotted Amy Winehouse) and it didn’t take long before hundreds of people were staring up from the sidewalks and from their cars. Ambulance came. Police came. Fire truck came. Street was closed off. A ladder was hoisted. A mattress was positioned (in case he jumped). It was rather surreal. (I have pictures but they are from my phone and I have to figure out how to make them less crap.) Anyway Josh & Sarah, you’re welcome for the public domestic dispute and almost-death by jumping.

You know how people say when gawd closes one door, s/he opens another? I feel that way about Lost ending last night and a new season of The Bachelorette beginning tonight. Who’s with me?!



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2 responses to “josh and sarah in london (during very warm weather)

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for a wonderful visit! You are great hosts and it was fun to enjoy London with locals. All is well in Turkey after a minor snafu in which BA lost my luggage for 24 hours….See you in August!

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