(This post is for my dad who is having surgery today.. read on, pops.)

I don’t know if it’s book store or bookstore (I don’t know the rules on compound words) or even if it’s more appropriate to say bookshop since I am in merry old England.

Nonetheless, this is the one that has my heart:

It is Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street and every time I have occasion to walk through one of their two front doors, my mood changes instantly. It’s always naturally lit and cool and quiet and smells like a book store – in a good way. It has the beautiful look of an independent book shop but with the selection and convenience of being one of a London chain of five. It is small enough and big enough. It is everything I don’t feel in its big box counterparts.

I don’t read much these days. Or at least proper books. I could say it’s because I raise a child and work and travel and socialize. But I know better than to excuse myself as the true readers I know in my life make time no matter what. So perhaps I have to admit that it’s not a priority. And people still give me books and I still lovingly stack them somewhere in our flat with a promise (to them, and me) to one day try really hard to get through my queue. But no matter about all that because I still find reasons to go into Daunt Books. Gifts, greetings cards, children’s stories, a travel guide for a weekend away… it is definitely one of my favorite places in our neighborhood. And in Marylebone that is saying quite a lot.

You might want to take a tour yourself by clicking here. You know a book shop is a pretty special place if you can take a virtual tour of it and if its website says this:

Daunt Books has five shops in London. Each is modelled on the original, a glorious Edwardian bookshop on Marylebone High Street with polished wooden floors and shelves, soaring windows and William Morris prints.

The soul of Daunt Books is the unique arrangement of books by country. Guides, maps, non-fiction and fiction sit alongside one another to offer an unrivalled browsing experience.

Also I am a sucker for these beauties– often free at check out.


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  1. ron

    Thank you sweetie for reminding me of one of my favorite places in your neighborhood. Though tiny by Border’s standards, I’ve never not found what I was looking for, and often found even more. Right now I’m asking the doctor for a good pain killer that can be safely mixed with a single-malt scotch.

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