things on my mind

#1 pantyhose

It’s confusing to me that only one sex claims an item of clothing that essentially involves, on a semi-regular basis, taking $5/£3 and throwing it directly in the trash/bin. It’s bizarre too how delicately you have to put them on in the first place. Can the same person that invented that ace idea invent socks for men made out of egg shells?

#2 curvy jeans

Everyone knows “curvy” is a euphemism. I was thinking maybe The GAP could go a little more subtle in the signs hanging above said jeans and tags on said jeans so I can live the lie I was previously enjoying.

#3 gratuitous digs at americans

Faye went to see Julie Andrews for One Night Only Saturday night. When The Telegraph reviewed it the next day, I was trying to figure out why we were dragged through the mud.

#4 too-small refrigerators

It’s something about London (all UK? I don’t know) I have never understood. Little refrigerators, like in college. I am sure there is a good reason like so that we all buy fresh food on a daily basis. I don’t buy fresh food on a daily basis.




#5 a new dawn in britain?

I cried when they showed Gordon Brown leaving 10 Downing Street today on the BBC. Wassupwitdat? I have no idea. I just always seem to root for the underdog. The disheveled portly graying underdog. Welcome, David Cameron as Prime Minister! Now I can go back to safely blogging with no mention of British politics.



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9 responses to “things on my mind

  1. Elizabeth

    I just read that review you linked to on Julie Andrews. I’ll give the writer credit: he packed a whole lot of cynicism and censure into 4 words.

  2. aunt barky

    I laughed outloud while reading this post at least 3 times. My first day at CEB/Advisory Board I went through 3 pairs of pantyhose. I have spent inordinate amounts of money on pantyhose. What a ripoff.

    • yael

      I laugh too sometimes. And sometimes I cry. I wonder how terrible the figure would be if we added up the monies spent on pantyhose over a lifetime. It’s weird that we have disposable clothing.

  3. toshalot

    That is exactly why I left the east coast for California! I haven’t worn pantyhose once since I moved here. Over it. No one here wears them except the homeless trannies that sit in the square in front of city hall knitting and reading the bible everyday.

    I always cry for the underdog, including while watching college football or nba basketball. All to the dismay of boyfriend who can’t understand why I care about their actual personal feelings … boooooo!

  4. toshalot

    oh. by the way. when i lived in d.c. i was a member of a mail order pantyhose place. they auto sent me 3 new pairs of pantyhose every month. an ingenious idea at the time. saved me from running to cvs at 6:30am post shower on the way to work when i would realize i had a run in my “stockings” that wouldn’t make it through the day. double boooo.

  5. Mary Ellen

    #3 gratuitous digs at americans-used to drive me crazy, I’d point them out to my husband, very indignant and stopped just short of keeping a bitterness journal (that wouldn’t be healthy, right?!) with every egregious article I came across. After 13 years as an ex-pat, I thought I’d heard it all, but the salad dressing thing was new, and I’m guilty as charged too. Typical American!
    Really enjoy reading your blog.

    • yael

      Thanks Mary Ellen! You’re so right about the articles too. It happens at work and I always think I might get defensive but then I realize one of our favorite hobbies at home is making fun of (um, taking the piss?) the British. It’s only fair.

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