mother’s day (in america, and in my flat)

It’s my first (American) Mother’s Day. Or is it? Last year at this time I was just a month away from giving birth. And I guess it was a Mother’s Day then, but my heart didn’t really understand yet.

Now I know. In the core of my core of my core and then the core of that core, I am grateful and proud and lucky and honored to be Jonah’s mom. His mum. His mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day too to my mom, who I have only realized in the last year how much she loves my brothers and I. To the moon and back at least.

Happy Mother’s Day also to Bryan’s mom. To Bryan’s sister. To the people that have “mothered” my family in their own important ways. Happy Mother’s Day to my friends who are moms. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone that is feeling the beauty of it.

(It was Mothering Sunday in the UK in March. My father is the one person who thought of me that day. And he never fails to tell me how proud he is of me as a mother. So thank you too to all the men who honor the babymamas of the world.)



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5 responses to “mother’s day (in america, and in my flat)

  1. sonjey

    Happy Mother’s Day to all. It is the single most important thing in my life and being a Nanny makes it that much more satisfying. Thanks for the memories of last year!!!!

  2. Virginia

    Happy Mother’s Day! What a beautiful year in pictures…such love and happiness.

  3. toshalot

    Yay! Happy Mother’s Day, Schmael!

  4. Lisa

    I am an American enjoying reading your blog. The charm with just the letter J on it resembling a lock – can I ask where you got it? It was on your post from 9 May. I’ve been on the hunt for something similar with my daughter’s initials….but haven’t been successful.

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