can you hear that? no?

Um, the General Election is today. You mean it is not earth-shattering international news? I miss Obamania. You wouldn’t have even known there was an election on my commute in today.

David Cameron may make it to 10 Downing Street. But who knows. So let me at least mark this occasion by a demonstration of why the British press is the greatest in all the world. After the last televised debate, CNN did a round up of what the British newspapers had to say about the candidates’ performances in their “typically ribald fashion” of reporting. And here was my favorite/favourite:

But by far the most surreal image of the night was from Caitlin Moran, writing in the Times, who described Cameron (previously criticized for appearing airbrushed in campaign posters) as “looking very much like a single buttock with two eyes stapled to it.”

But in much more exciting news, I must welcome Adele Teodora to this world. Born yesterday at a healthy fighting weight and making her parents proud as the first Arlington County native in their extensive family tree. We love her.



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2 responses to “can you hear that? no?

  1. toshalot

    i woke up all week to chatter about the general election on my local morning radio. so though it isn’t sufficiently hitting the papers, it is on sf bay area local talk radio 🙂

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