almost may

This is good. I now have a personal challenge going. How long can I go without comments on this blog, without posting Barcelona pictures, without fixing my roots and without charging my cell phone. I have some OCD that falls on both sides so I am psyched.

But first, an addendum to yesterday. There are two other Really Annoying Things that Americans apparently do. I have heard. Supposedly. One is our entire nation orders salad dressing on the side. The second is that we sometimes say “reach out” to mean contact someone. I have thought long and hard about both those transgressions and I have come to this conclusion:  I am so happy I am American. I NEVER want all the salad dressing.

1 May/May 1 is fast approaching. Do you know what 1 May/May 1 is?

It is this year’s Green Gopher Golf Classic. It is the tournament my brother Micah started four years ago in Charleston, South Carolina to raise money for the local Boys & Girls Club. Micah is not even 30 and he has somehow managed to organize hundreds of people year after year to play golf and raise thousands of dollars for a beautiful organization. I have written about him and Green Gopher before (and the t-shirts) but that won’t change my family’s annual amazement at how my brother does this as a little side project. Out of the goodness of his heart. Harnessing the energy of ten human beings in one body.

What’s even more incredible is that in some ways Micah is the most low-tech human being I know. When the universe just plum runs out of 35mm cameras, I promise you that will be the day my dear brother will stop taking photographs for good. He runs a charity event that has turned into a Big Deal around town the way my mother used to run our elementary school fairs in the 80s: with paper flyers and accepting checks as payment. No website. No donations by credit card or registration payment by PayPal. No Facebook group to drum up interest or Twittering live the day of. No mass texts to confirm entry. No email for tax deduction purposes. No iPhone app. You want in? Write a check. Then come play golf. Drink heavily. But be generous. Get your green logo t-shirt. Drink a few more. Finish your round. Celebrate. Change lives.

This is last year’s.

We get to see The Boys & Girls Clubs in action through my stepmom Michele, who mentors to two “littles” through Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Over the summer, when the girls do not have school to fill the day, the local Boys & Girls Club replaces that dangerous idle time for children of struggling families with amazing, interactive, educational, super fun summer camps. And they exist solely because of charity.

I’m always proud of my brother. On Saturday I will be extra proud.



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5 responses to “almost may

  1. erin

    personal challenge fail. ha!

  2. mira

    I’m commenting, i’m commenting! my beach lounging in mexico meant I had to give up some blog reading.

    It is beyond admirable what your wonderful bro is doing. Go Micah, go Micah, go! 🙂

  3. toshalot

    pffff! i commented a few days ago on like 3 entries!

    this story about micah’s disinterest in technology strengthens my decision to remain the only person in city hall without a smart phone. i argue i’m smart enough without a high tech phone.

  4. planetface

    Your brother is spot on about technology, although I prefer the disposable camera for my pictures.

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