it’s not just how loud we are

Bryan informed me yesterday he was tired of looking at my un-updated blog. He is such a loyal reader.

There are two ways you can spot an American in London that are not quite as obvious as the volume of one’s voice. One is is if they have a cup holder on their pram/pushchair/buggy/stroller. Apparently that is a DEAD giveaway.

The second is if you see a balcony with a grill. London is filled with flats/apartments with balconies. Far more than New York. The buildings are low so there is plenty of sky to see and many buildings have been built with that in mind. Gorgeous wrought iron balconies, modern glass ones, concrete ones neat and tidy even amidst the council estates (housing projects) they sit upon.

And not one

not one

not ONE

that we have spied, has a grill on it unless an American lives there. I am sure I could figure out why this is. Why millions of non-Americans want to forego maximum usage of tiny outdoor space. But it’s their loss so what to the evs. Instead, millions are empty. Thousands have a lone topiary. And a handful that obviously belong to some really insane people *might* actually contain a chair.

And then the American ones always have table, chairs, a grill and beers. People on the street always look surprised. Sometimes they will yell a lame joke like, “save me one!” And we’re all, buy a grill yourself, suckas! Or the ones that are sad about the whole polluting of fine London culture will just say something passive aggressive like, “So, how long will you be renting here?”

Lots of non-American dwellers’ empty balconies

Fun balcony



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6 responses to “it’s not just how loud we are

  1. NeyNey

    I tried to get to the bottom of this issue. I found a lot of references to Brits falling off balconies while on vacation, but no references to Brits using their own balconies, either to stay on them or to fall off. I’m not sure what to make of any of this, but I am glad you are enjoying your balcony.

  2. My husband always talks about how loud Americans are, particularly when we lived in London. I never noticed the balcony phenomenon but we were the only flat with a table in our garden area in Wimbledon, so essentially the same thing – and the table was at my insistence!

  3. yael

    There is some cultural mystery here that we will solve…

  4. toshalot

    did you take that pic from the neighbor’s balcony?

  5. toshalot

    i’ll be there before year’s end.

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