where’ve you been all my life?

We returned to London over a week ago and yet Working Mom 1.0 did not find time to blog. You know how it is with first phase technology- so many kinks to work out.

And yet, the adventures continue. Barcelona was a true winner. After that Mariel was here for a visit via her Sierra Leone to NYC route and it being Mariel, she scored a new British friend and sometimes-Fox News contributor who took us to a long boozy quite fancy lunch. The restaurant had to go next door to find a high chair for Jonah. I did not take that as a hint. Then over the weekend we went with friends to a concert/poetry slam/performance art night in Shoreditch. I say with all serious that I did not know self-mutilation could look so graceful. It also made me miss Pac-Man. And finally, Bryan feted my 34th birthday last night at a Band of Horses concert in Camden with two friends. And the band rocked. They did. They made me happy. Today, well today Jonah is 10-months old. Double digits and super rad. The raddest.


Agenda for this evening: watch SNL on DVR. Justin Bieber and Mark Sanchez in the same show?! What is this, our anniversary??

And through it all, I still have a crush on London. Two plus years on. Get your plane tickets, yo.

Probably I will blog again. Until then, enjoy Gawker, FB and on-line backgammon. I know I will.



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2 responses to “where’ve you been all my life?

  1. Happy 34th! I heard about the gig on the radio this morning 🙂 I love Koko and work 2 min walk from there (never heard of Band of Horses though – I’m sure I should have.)

  2. sonjey

    Happy Birthday Yaelly and happy 10 months to Jonah. He looks so happy to have you as him mum!

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