should we talk about the weather?

I miss FB a little because today would be a good day for me to write: “I am soooooo sick of the rainnnnnnnnnn in Londonnnnnnnnn.” Also, I keep thinking if I give FB a chance, I may discover the next brilliant addition to stfu, parents. Please don’t click on that link if you don’t want to see something gross. Oversharey SAHM-haters though, click away.

We leave for Spain tomorrow. A jaunt away for the Easter holiday break. Not that the UK would acknowledge the two days of bank holidays are for Easter. That is just a coincidence. Jonah’s nursery wanted to do a theme dress day for Easter to support its “equality, diversity and cultural” initiatives. They suggested chicks or bunnies as good embellishments. I personally didn’t feel a bunny would sufficiently promote cultural diversity and I fretted about outfit possibilities for days at work. Until my officemate suggested a onesie/babygrow with a screenprinted Caravaggio crucifixion scene on it. Just an idea for those of you still planning your Sunday best. Or as Bryan’s 93 year-old grandfather would say: Sundee.

Productivity in this office generally is at an all-time low, what with the news of Ricky Martin coming out. Obviously.


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One response to “should we talk about the weather?

  1. micah

    great cartoon.
    more picture of jonah.
    i love you.

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