In honor of this wonderful Jewish holiday, here are a couple photos from yesterday on a “coffee” break near my office (the quotes/inverted commas/speech marks because I don’t drink coffee and neither did my companions):

It’s still true that in London I seem to have more fortuitous run-ins with old American friends than when I actually lived in the U.S. (Btw, I have noticed that British people sometimes say the United States when referring to upcoming travel they have, or, for example, Los Angeles. And then it hits me: when was the last time you ever heard an American call it “Los Angeles”?? There she goes with those inverted commas again…)

Josh and I met freshman year of college/university because the school randomly paired all ten Jewish students (out of 3,000) with local families for the high holy days. We have managed to not completely lose track of each other all these 16 years since. He lives in Paris now and is wonderfully fluent in French. A nice reminder of the days when I was failing out of my minor and Josh was succeeding. And now, like so many other smart Americans, he spends his time wondering around Europe.

Pâque heureuse aux juifs.


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