passover deliciousness

Two posts in one day… squeal squeal!

I know Pesach officially begins Tuesday but we had our Seder with friends last night. And it’s a good thing we went early because now I can maybe inspire you to go recipe-hunting for next week. I don’t think I even realized until this year how cooking and baking without flour (or other gluten-containing grains) is simply an opportunity to create some seriously delicious and novel food. By being forced to go beyond your comfort zone and old stand-bys, well, okay I’ll try and just get on with it.

Faye made the entire dinner and also provided the Haggadah from her years of family traditions in Chicago. I learned Passover songs I never knew and now I have a new favorite involving lots of hand gestures. In addition to haroset, the best matzoh ball soup, a roast and whole chicken, Faye managed to make THREE side dishes containing matzoh: “stuffing”, a sweet kugel and an Italian matzoh salad.

I volunteered for dessert because that’s what noncreative and timid cooks should stick to. It’s all math(s), no? Smitten Kitchen came through big time with her compendium of fabs Passover desserts and I urge you to click here for the recipes. Jewish or not- traditional Jewish food is delicious and you should give it a go. Your grocery store has everything you need this weekend and then it will vanish by next.

I hesitantly tried my hand at flourless peanut butter cookies, chocolate toffee matzoh bark (my name- Deb from SK calls it ‘Chocolate Caramelized Matzo Candy’ but accurately refers to it as a “show stopper”) and lemon cheesecake with crust made from matzoh cake meal and almonds. And I can’t believe I am saying this, but Elijah, they were all so good!

The Seder was a wonderful time over all which, like my family’s tradition at home, lacked general decorum and appropriate behavior. The hunt for the afikomen may have been fixed. I think Jonah really enjoyed his first Seder (he was awake for the very beginning) and while he couldn’t yet verbalize the Four Questions, I know in his heart he wants to know Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights? Go to one and you’ll see.

Next year in Jerusalem.



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2 responses to “passover deliciousness

  1. sonjey

    yum, especially the “dish in stripes, reading the Haggadah”

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