edinburgh, scotland

We took a wee holiday break to Edinburgh, Scotland this past weekend (did you see what I did there?). At the outset I have to share with those who may not know, as I once did not, that “Edinburgh” is pronounced “Edinburra”. I just think it’s important we’re all on the same page here.

I have been wanting to go there for a while now- have always heard such great things. Turns out is was all justified, and it didn’t hurt that we had blue skies and nice temps all weekend. Which maybe isn’t the way you think of Scotland. We ended a long week of illnesses on a high note, and I know that when my dad and stepmom leave for the U.S. today, it may be more bitter than sweet. How do you say goodbye to a perfect 9 month-old?

But back to Scotland. Because a land of tartan and kilts and Scotch whiskey and Braveheart and bagpipes and the Loch Ness monster and woolly sheep and cashmere and deep fried Mars bars and haggis and golf and Groundskeeper Willie cannot possibly be bad.

It can’t.

Edinburgh Castle and views

Haggis plain and true and also fancied up

Scotland v. England Six Nations rugby match took place Saturday night. We flew over on the same plane as the womens’ team but I am not sure they were the reason the town was off the hizzy. Big rivalry for the men. As our cab driver pointed out, Scotland and England could compete in Tiddlywinks and it would be huge. Two notes here: (1) I don’t know why, but British people say “the rugby” and (2) I don’t know why, but British people say “sport”. No ‘s’ on the end. Probably because they needed the ‘s’ for “maths”. So anyway, lots of fun nationalistic rugby fans all around.

Tartan everywhere (Americans mistakenly call it plaid)

I didn’t know that men actually wore kilts for reasons beyond ceremonial

Jonah went on his first Scotch Whiskey Experience tour. Bryan just cried for joy. Scotch, Scotch, Scotch. I love Scotch. (I don’t actually.)

Birth place of the father of Capitalism, I mean of modern economics

Grandparenting (and check it, they have a Kindle!)



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3 responses to “edinburgh, scotland

  1. Virginia

    What a nice little holiday…(you like my Brit Lingo?) glad everyone is feeling well. Awesome pict of you and J! So did anyone purchase any tartan items?

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