just as bad in celsius

Remind me sometime to do a blog post on the superiority of the metric system.

For now, let’s recap the last five days. My dad and stepmom/BDPPB and Mimi came to visit, arriving Wednesday night. It coincided with no hot water here (apologies to my work colleagues) and Jonah going from one sickness to another. Most currently he has spent his Sunday with a 40/104 degree C/F fever. I vacillated on trying to find a doctor or emergency room/A&E. Getting sick on a Sunday is tricky. We’re forced to go through additional considerations, hedge our bets, pretend we have a medical degree. The question is always whether something can wait until Monday, right? And then this has all been perfectly timed with us transitioning from private health insurance to National Health Service.

Not sure what I think of NHS yet. I like that we are floating in one huge national database. I don’t like that appointments are max 10 minutes. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Now, of course this is also coinciding with being back at work. I was walking through the office the other day and an Associate looked surprised to see me. We exchanged quick pleasantries and then she said, “I can’t believe it’s been a year!” And I said, no it hasn’t. I have been gone 9 months. And she said, “oh, um, right, okay. Well, nice to see you.” I will let you extrapolate from that. One day later I went to register my family with the NHS. When getting interviewed by a nurse, in response to one of the questions I mentioned that Jonah was in nursery/daycare and I was back at work. And she put down her paper, looked up at me, and, I am not kidding, said with unmasked disapproval, “he is already in nursery?”. She then looked back down and kept writing.

Culturally preferring a minimum of a year’s maternity leave: 2

This mum/mom: 0.

But I will not let them get me down. Obviously nursery was the right decision with all Jonah’s vomiting, diarrhea (oh no, she did NOT just write that. What is this, a Facebook status update?!) and feverish temperatures. Just a few days in and we had a note home saying one of the children there has the extremely-contagious impetigo and so to be on alert. Will do! A GP said to me that exposure to all these germs and bacteria will be good for him in the long run. So let’s get back to the short run.

We have also found time to have grandparent bonding time, some trips around London and great home-cooked meals by my family.

And Saturday night Bryan and I went with a few friends to see Dave Matthews Band at the O2 Arena. It’s true that at least 80% of the crowd were American-passport holders, but they all had the good sense to leave the college-gear at home, along with any type of shirt with writing on it. Although there seemed to be an exception carved out for North Face fleeces. All the North Face fleece-wearers in all of Europe conglomerated in one place to scream out SATELLITE!!!!!!! It was cool though to hear Dave Matthews on stage conversing with the crowd in thick, southern American drawl while people near me screamed out in French. And we met one American couple who had flown in from their current residence of Antalya, Turkey (who packed a suitcase full of pork to bring back). Devotion.

Devotion why?

Is it the music of Dave Matthews Band or is it the time of your life when their music was the soundtrack?

I can remember road trips with friends to Lexington and Charlottesville before I was 22, when filling out my taxes required putting one number on one line. And I remember after college seeing them on the lawn of Nissan Pavillion on a summer night when I had a crush on two boys. One for the past and one for the future.

So that future crush and I rocked out Saturday night.

If you could keep me floating
Just for a while
Till I get to the end of this tunnel oh Jimi


It’s been awhile on your iPod. So here:



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5 responses to “just as bad in celsius

  1. I was at the show, too! As usual, he was amazing but I’m pretty darn sure he was wasted. We had such a great time and I’m glad y’all did, also.

  2. I went back to work after 3 months – and she was 2 weeks late an’ all…so just 2 1/2 months old when I returned to work. Don’t let anyone get you down – you do what is right for YOUR family at the time! xx (I'[d have gone insane if I’d been off work any longer tbh)

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