I had an insatiable, desperate, palpable craving for a fresh, crisp salad. One with a vegetable medley creating a rainbow of colors. One where there would practically be fresh dew perched photogenically on the corner of each piece of lettuce. The kind of salad where every bite makes a crunch or a snap- audible proof that everything was just picked, just washed, just chopped. A salad as though sunshine and health just had a party in my mouth and the feeling when it was all over that maybe, just maybe, I could live to 100 and beyond. And run a marathon this afternoon.

That’s the kind of salad I wanted. Needed. In England. And so I hurled myself in single-minded obsession all over the neighborhood in a hunt for the freshest, healthiest, crispest, most gorgeous superfood-laden salad I could find. In England.

God Save the Queen.



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10 responses to “pass

  1. My #1 craving in England has been a good salad… Unfortunately, the only place where I can find the heaven you described is Tossed. Is it sad that they recognize me now? And it’s not like it’s around the corner from me – it takes effort to get there. So worth it.

  2. NeNe

    Finally, a country that understands how to make a salad palatable! Are there any that are topped with Hershey’s kisses? That would be perfect.

  3. You need your local “Chop’d” which you’re lucky enough to have 6 branches of in central London…

  4. poren

    It’s like London, England and Jamaica, Queens (NYC) are the same place.Nothing compares to the $12 salad you can buy for lunch every day in Manhattan.

  5. Farg

    wait, i thought you loved prawns?! what gives?

  6. I loved this post. Just the other day I was craving a really big salad and realised that unless I wanted to make it myself I wouldn’t be able to find one here in London.

    I think back to all the times I’d go out to lunch in Minneapolis (or St.Paul- Cafe Latte) and could get an awesome salad.

    I’ve seen those “salads” at Tesco and they are just rank. I like the ones at M&S, but I do miss going to restaurant and having a nice big full of fixings salad.

  7. yael

    Girls, you are correct about Tossed and Chop’d. But there are only a handful of those places here as compared to the U.S. where you can get a good, fresh salad every other storefront/restaurant. Yes poren, they might be $12- but who can put a price on clear arteries?

  8. Yael, I really enjoy your blog – I stumbled across it from an expat blog link page and have read a ton of your posts since stumbling across it. I’m a Canadian expat and I came here for school then stayed, so a bit of a different backstory, but nonetheless I can relate to so many of your posts and they’re hilarious!
    I’ve recently started blogging myself, so check mine out if you like, and on that note – would it be cool to put a link to yours on my blog? Thanks.

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