Thank you to my mom for the onesie and all the other Vtines goodies. Thanks to conversation hearts and good friends and Jonah’s chubby thighs and those BreatheRight nasal strips that helped me through a cold last night. Valentine’s Day is not a stupid holiday if it reminds you of all the things you love. I love the two boys that have the whole of my heart. And I love a lot of other things too. Like post-it notes and hummus and high heels and gossip and FNL.

I wish you a happy weekend and your own list of things to be loved. You can even say mushrooms. I’m in that kind of good mood.



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5 responses to “love

  1. NeNe

    Chubby baby thighs. Ah, is there anything else that speaks so eloquently about love. Happy Valentine’s Day, family of my heart.

  2. toshalot

    So adorable! Jonah is looking so much like his papa these days. He has Bryan’s brow (not in the hair sense, but the structure sense).

  3. sonjey

    such a little man…. 8 months old….love those pokies too…and loved watching you eat your dinner all up!

  4. Auntie Fig

    Oh, those beautiful thighs! Could one little being emit any more love?! (And good call on the brow, Tosh.) May love abound across the Atlantic to my favorite expat family!

  5. Aunt Barky

    Sending lots of love to the world’s most adorable and perfect little nose and to the parents of the world’s most adorable and perfect little nose.

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