If you have been paying attention to news of the mid-Atlantic in the U.S. (and who doesn’t?), you would know that my parents are buried under feet and feet of snow. Last night started their fifth major snowstorm of the last month. It’s times like these I am reminded to come back as a teacher or government employee in my next life. Or as a snow shovel salesperson. I am jealous because snow is beautiful and snow days are fun- I don’t care what you say.

We spent this past weekend in Hereford (not far from the border of Wales) organized by Matt as a surprise 30th birthday for Trish with 30 of their friends. It was a gorgeous country manor house with fireplaces in every room, a kitchen with like 4 ovens and a walk-in fridge (so dreamy), a brand-new cinema room, game room, hot tub and the surrounding countryside where even the sheep knew their bucolic happy roles to play. Trish was definitely surprised and she is very loved. Many of us were commenting that we could not get 30 people to drive 4 hours for a birthday. So it’s fun having such popular friends.

Jonah was the only young’un there and did quite well. Saturday night we crowned Matt & Trish Prom King and Queen and carried on with the fancy dress theme of High School Prom. The non-Americans handled it very well (British, Canadian, Italian, French, Swiss and German). We all took our prom pictures of course, and some people went retro with the style. All in all, truly fun times. I needed at least one 3am night of dance party, karaoke, hot tub and general disheveled drunken mayhem.

In case you need a better shot of my bangs

T’s birthday video viewing

dance party

sausage fest 2010

Jonah really was there

And look what we had for breakfast one morning?

An English fry-up. Which I can tolerate, believe it or not. But the next morning when the Americans tried to pull a fast one and make quiche for breakfast, it was a no go for the Brits. Apparently the thought of quiche for anything other than lunch makes them want to throw up a little bit. As an American friend put it after hearing a native say that quiche isn’t a breakfast food: “What, is it the eggs that threw you off?” Well said. Take that. Ooh.

Oh, Friends. You’re finally leaving the UK.



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9 responses to “hereford

  1. NeNe

    PRICELESS! What a perfect way to celebrate Trish! I think I’ll go out and do a snow dance in her honor.

  2. sonjey

    So much fun!!! What a way to celebrate 30!!!!
    Here’s to Matt and Trish!!

  3. Joe

    okay, yael, the picture with you holding the beer behind your back. the two spots under your, um, uh, breasts. (dang, that was hard to type.) so is that sweat or are the nursing pads soaked through?

    and Fans of Yael, i can notice these things and ask this question because i have a wife who nurses a six month old and all things nursing is on the brain.

    yael, forgive me.

  4. poren

    I love that the fun never ends and that Yael’s blogging has returned. Glorious! And I am going to weigh in and say NOT bodily fluids. I think looking hot, dancing, doing a tricep raise, holding a six pack and a glass, might cause anyone to spill a little. Even someone as awesome as Yael…I mean if it was me it would probably be a much larger spill and would have some accompanying food crusted on to my clothing…but that is how I roll.

  5. Adrian Adonis

    That was the tequila when I did body shots with Yael. Don’t tell Jonah.

  6. NeNe

    After Joe’s comment, I had to go revisit Yael’s photo. As her mom I would take exception to someone calling attention to my daughter’s body parts, but I think coming from a minister, I’ll let it slide. Meanwhile, on second look at the photos, I was able to appreciate PC’s cute headgear. Why doesn’t he ever dress like that around me?

  7. yael

    Oh my gosh, I love that everyone is talking about my body! More people comment, please.

    I so wish those were lactation marks. That would be so fun. Alas, 8 months in that doesn’t quite happen anymore. TMI. You know you love it.

    I am one classy broad instead. Thus, dancing sweat plus a 6-pack of Carlsberg. Who is ready to party?

  8. Jeremy

    Weird. I just thought you had a retro-60s style dress with dark red dots. I suppose you sweat in perfect circles evenly spaced across your body.

    Knowing (a) that you beat me on the NYS Bar exam by two points and (b) that you sweat symmetrically, well, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore… You’re just better than me.

  9. toshalot

    fantastic! what a wonderful bday celebration. i was hoping my boyf would agree to a flag football game down at the marina for my bday. now i’ll be unhappy with anything less than what trish got! and if ppl were surprised by your symmetrical breast sweat, they obviously didn’t see my “yael & bryan: the sweatiest wedding you’ve ever been to” pics 🙂

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