rincon, puerto rico

A long time ago Bryan’s friends (our friends I mean. It’s been 11 years for the love) decided it would be fun if we all went away together. Somewhere warm. Somewhere fun. Somewhere family-friendly. Somewhere that could be as easily traveled to from Seattle, Washington and London, England and all points in between and somewhere we could rent a house on the beach.

And that place turned out to be Rincon, Puerto Rico- a gringo surfing town on the west coast of the island. So there we were the week before last. The location, the house, the people, the weather… everything turned out perfectly. There were 13 of us + 2 babies + 1 in utero baby + lots of outrageous sunsets + beer pong competitions + hot tub convos + surfers + hammocks + warm ocean water + palm trees + rice & beans + 25 cases of Medalla Light + a lot of other fantastic things. Thank you Dix Hills, Long Island for spawning this crew. In spite of yourself.



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5 responses to “rincon, puerto rico

  1. sonjey

    cherished friendships forever!

  2. sonjey

    did Jonah take that picture of the gang?

  3. Big Bro

    Looks like a great time. Great photos Yael (or Bry)

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