don’t call it a comeback

I missed you, too.

So we had two weeks of travels. The first was Master Jonah and myself to Virginia, with a one night voyage to Long Island. The second week was joined by Bryan and with friends in Puerto Rico. I am impressed that in just one week Jonah could see all 8 grandparents, and that he didn’t fare too badly in three time zones and on planes, trains and automobiles. Of course I want to give myself props for perfecting holding a v. heavy baby in a bathroom stall on a moving vessel all by myself and my stellar packing abilities (all our clothes for two opposite seasons in one suitcase… sorta). But then self-congratulation is so 2008.

It was great times, so nice to see family and how do I say this: I think I love Target so much it hurts. I walked in to an empty, brand new one in Fredericksburg and I may have shed a few tears. I didn’t want to leave. Ever. Why, why, why, WHY can we not import this great invention of mankind to England? Why? Why do only the Swedes get the monopoly on saturating the European market with genius and affordable clothing and home furnishings?

Btw, at Baggage Claim I always wonder who the crazies are that travel with suspect-looking packages. Now I know the answer: ME!

Arlington with NeNe and the Buyuk Baba/Dede

Virginia came to visit with Logan and Cora (and lent us so many toys!)

Summer brought Luisa and while we tried to jump-start her and Jonah’s decades-long courtship, they had a fat roll-off (look how she can’t keep her hands off him!)

a baby shower for the bun in Becky’s oven

on Long Island there was Nanny, Charlie, Poppy, Buggy, Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Michael, cousins Aidan and Shea, great Uncle Gary and great Pop Pop. Those were back in the days when the Jets beat San Diego in the playoffs and Miami was just a dream away.

this is what the keyboard looks like in a house with two little boys

Fredericksburg with MiMi and BDPPB. And Jonah met Michele’s sweet “littles”, Raelynn and Ryanna.

and we were never far from Bry

Tune in next time when I post pictures from our week in Puerto Rico. And then maybe after that I might even continue to blog. Someone has to. It’s a dying hobby with all this competition from Twitter and sexting and telepathy.



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10 responses to “don’t call it a comeback

  1. NeNe

    Oh my goodness, that Jets Fan Family Photo is FABULOUS (and has great alliteration!). But where is PC???

  2. Teresa

    so was it the super target in f-burg? Target plus full grocery store is just so silly awesome. Oh, and Starbucks tucked inside. I am sorry you have to miss out. I get mad when I pass the Super Target (which I do daily btw) and cannot go in. Like yesterday when the road was closed. Sadness.

  3. I think Target may be the reason I can’t be happy again in Britain.

  4. sonjey

    Taking that photo was the highlight of your ever so short visit……But Bryan was there in spirit!!! It was a great day for “gang green”

  5. Erin

    I really missed you. I’m sorry that being back in London to blog for us means to you can’t go to Target everyday. But really… who is to entertain me if you are here in the US doing cartwheels in the aisles of Target?

  6. mdouris25

    I logged on this morning prepared (somewhat gleefully) for nearly one month’s worth of entries – as I haven’t looked since we left NYC on 1/19. Lo and behold, we were on identical hiatuses. The Target here in Seattle made me squeal with glee πŸ™‚ So did those photos of Jonah’s fat rolls!

  7. toshalot

    I love the pic of you and your sister, Renee with JC πŸ™‚ All of the pics of course are great although they make me cry bc I live on the west coast and never get to steal a visit w you while you are stateside … But also a bonus to see pics of Luisa via your blog. Glad you enjoyed your travel πŸ™‚

  8. yael

    Thanks all for still supporting this blog. I am just a few banner ads away from retiring wealthy. Or not really.

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