7 months

Dear Jonah,

Wow. There is something about the moment a baby can sit up unassisted that is pretty phenomenal. And I don’t mean that in an every-new-skill-you-acquire-is-phenomenal kind of way. Because truth be told, I am purposely not helping you learn to crawl. In fact, I sort of stopped tummy time altogether. The other day, these moms (they’re American so I can spell it that way) were droning on and on about the studied connection between crawling and ability to read. Which annoys me on two levels. One, how can those two things possibly be related? Two, who cites studies?

So sitting up. It’s amazing. You’ve been doing it for a month and I still get such a kick out of it. I guess your languid lying-around months really had an impact on me. Now you sit there on your playmat or in the bath with approximately 100 toys in a semi-circle before you, and you just RULE the land. The Ikea stacking cups are your favorite (note to self: spend less on toys) but you don’t discriminate. If a sock ends up in the pile, fair game. This makes you independent and it makes me realize what a happy baby you are. Content to self-entertain but you’re always sort of keeping track of me on the periphery. I like that, my son. We have our eye on one another.

I guess the other momentous change is that we moved your cot/crib out of our bedroom. We did that sometime in the past couple weeks and the moment we did it marked the first ever night of your life when I didn’t sleep in the same room as you. I cried as I carried the stupid crib from our room to yours. It was such a precious feeling to fall asleep each night just paces from you. To steal you away to our bed in the early morning so that we could feel your little hands reaching all around for us, smell your sweet breath next to our heads on the pillow. But you know, in the end I hope we have all adjusted quite nicely. I am not unhappy (I like double negatives, Jonah) to have my room back in the evenings to put things away, read in bed, stare at the extra few feet of floor. And I am pretty sure you are happy to be in a truly quiet space. I love that at last you have claimed your room.

It’s hard to really articulate the nuanced and yet dramatic way in which I think you have changed. All I know is that I am pretty sure every day I think you are the most fun person ever, even more than the day before. Let’s just see if I say that when you’re crawling. I doubt it.

We celebrated the winter holidays and passed into a new year. We traveled more and tomorrow it continues. You and I board a plane to the U.S. Once again. Adventure-seekers. Your grandparents are counting the seconds until they see you. As they should. Because you are a smiley, hysterical laughing, sweet smelling, animal sound-loving, humming-while-eating 21+ pounds of the purest form of love and happiness I know. With the belly of Buddha, legs like turkey drumsticks, fat rolls for saving bits of food for later, tiny little sharp fingernails you inherited from your daddy, a nose that invites all to have a peak, downy hair that is sill deciding what color it is, eyelashes engineered for learning how to butterfly kiss, blue blue eyes and that big, drooly, still gummy smile that totally, completely, utterly guts your daddy and me. In a good way. In the best way.

A few weeks ago your daddy looked at you, looked at me, and then said “I don’t want Joney to grow up.” It put a lump in my throat, and I asked him what he meant. “Because he’s my buddy. He laughs when I tickle him.”

So my Jonah, you have to always promise to be his buddy and to laugh at his jokes. And then we’ll let you grow up. Just the other day you started pushing your feet back and forth real hard when something made you happy. And if that’s what growing up means- new miraculous things you reveal every day- then we’re ready.





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11 responses to “7 months

  1. What a fantastic letter to your son.

    I’m going to give you some information to arm you against those moms with super-crawly babies. When my son in 2nd grade had writing difficulties – WRITING, not READING (that’s their first mistake) – the teacher asked me whether he’d been a late crawler or walker (he hadn’t). It’s to do with the development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills.

    And I don’t think you can extrapolate forwards. If a baby has delayed crawling/walking, then it’s slightly (slightly slightly) more likely that he will have delayed writing. BUT just because you hothouse your baby to crawl/walk, it doesn’t mean that he will read/write early too (although of course it probably does, because if you’re a hothousing mother, you will ensure that happens too).

    I know I don’t really need to tell you all that, because you’re so laid back and sensible in your approach to motherhood, but just in case you need some superior ammunition…

    Can’t quote you any studies, though (and maybe they are right about the reading as well as the writing, so don’t major on that bit).

  2. PS I always relive my baby memories through your blog. When we lived in Luxborough Street, we moved our baby out from our room into his own at 7 months. He had that Buddha look. I remember taking him to Mme Tussauds, and there was a wax model of a famous sumo wrestler. We couldn’t resist photographing him in front of it, and he grinned and smiled like he got the joke.

    Have a great trip.

  3. Aunt Barky

    I’m crying. Happy 7 months Jonah.

  4. sonjey

    you are so right…… i am counting the minutes until TOUCHDOWN……see ya at the airport!

  5. NeNe

    Not only do your postings get at the very heart of what it is to raise a child, they allow me to pause and remember you three. Because I felt so overwhelmed so much of the time, I missed some of those thousands of moments. Thank you, Babe.

    And, here’s me as a former teacher speaking: I was less concerned with the age you started to read (Let’s face it, we’re talking about a difference of months here, not years) than with conveying to you the magic of the written word.

  6. Isn’t it so hard that they are the most cuddly and cute at night when we should let them be sleeping???? I always want to cuddle the boys at night, but which one to pick and they are in their own cribs in their room. I know I shouldn’t bother them or they’ll be cranky the next day

  7. BTW, I forgot to say, “Gosh he’s so cute!!!”

  8. Meiko Takayama

    Yael – Chris DeConti was over at our house last night (in LA) and we were going on and on about you and Bryan – how great you are, so much fun, cute baby, lucky Axiom, blah blah blah. And then both Rocco and I said, wait, we haven’t seen any FB updates from her recently…could she have unfriended us? Before you could say “throw them under the bus”, I did a quick search and found this blog. Glad to hear that you’re all well and that you (hopefully) chose to do a mass unfriend rather than individuals ones with the Rich-Takayamas. Lots of love to you and the boys – xoxo Meiko

  9. yael

    You’re all very kind xxx

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