happy holidays recap

I mean, this post is so 2009. Soory.

A quiet, sweet, romantic, lovely little threesome of a Christmas eve and morning.

Christmas lunch at The Narrow on the Thames with friends Faye and David.

Boxing Day Bryan’s mom, Sandra/Sonjey/Nanny, and Charlie came to visit.

A big night out to see La Clique at The Roundhouse in Camden. This show is OUT.RAGE.OUS. A mix of burlesque/cabaret/vaudeville… it was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Mouth open the whole time because I was either aghast, mesmerized, in disbelief or something was so hilarious, my body forgot how to laugh. We sprung for the “posh” seats and the champagne kept coming. I wish I could say this show is coming to a town near you- but methinks not.

New Year’s Eve was a first for us. Early dinner at a pub and then at home, fairly sober, tv on. And still the best ever. I think you know why. One word. Starts with a J.



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4 responses to “happy holidays recap

  1. What a beautiful and perfect way to start the new year!

  2. sonjey

    What a fabulous week we had. We wouldn’t have wanted to spend a New Year’s any place else. Can’t stop talking about Bruges and the London night life!

  3. toshalot

    does jonah really have an adidas track suit? too cute! LOVE the pic of him reaching out to Sandra. and LOVE that he is so happy in that dinner pic of you wearing the paper crown. i guess he had a good time!

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