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26 responses to “love love is all around

  1. NeNe

    I held it in until about 3/4 of the way through and then started screaming/laughing. Miracle passed out. Might be one of the best videos ever. Ever.

  2. Josh

    fantastic !! j’adore

  3. Susan C.

    Just loved watching your gorgeous little boy!! He is just precious.

  4. Thanks for the video wishes! Happy HDays to you guys too. You all look fantabulous. Parenthood suits you. And the little j- what a cute man! He appears to be chill too, which is a bonus. (Our little chick is part-maniac at times, but still rad.)

    Anyway, Happy 2010 you old peeps.


  5. Jane Dickinson

    Did I notice Yael’s nails were manicured in one shot? Not only do you have the world’s cutest baby and Xmas card, but you also bothered to put it to music AND get your nails done? You put me to shame. Eventually we need to get Teddy and Jonah together, just to measure their respective cheeks/jowls for posterity.

  6. erica

    love you guys! that was the sweetest thing and definitely the best holiday card i’ve gotten. happy holidays!!

  7. typs

    That was awesome! And what a beautiful family too!

  8. beth

    Wow!!! Merry merry Christmas to you all in lovely London!!! Have you spotted Charles Dickens on the street yet by any chance carrying a goose????

  9. Trish

    Adorable…first smile at Guinness and yawning in front of Parliment. He’s so wise for his age. Although…he has a giant hand growing between his legs. Might want to get that checked out on the NHS (another reason you love London so much).
    Amazing Vid. Love Jonah. Love you. Happy Holidays! xx

  10. mira

    very cute. happy holidays to you all and lots of love.

  11. sonjey

    you guys cease to amaze us!…. I can’t wait to forward it to all of my friends!
    See you in two days!

  12. Bonnie, a Richmond Girl

    LOVED IT – laughed, smiled, “awed”, … and i know that took a LOT of time to do. yall rock. and the pic at the end – best fam pic ever – a framer for a long time……. merry christmas to you three. xo.

  13. MiMi

    Jonah, you have captured our hearts and your mom and dad are the best parents ever. Merry Christmas.

  14. Jenn

    So cute! He’s adorable and looks so much like you, Yael! Our holiday cards will be late this year…So you will be getting a bonus card after the holidays! Happy New Year!

  15. Awesome video. I’m quite certain that Jonah ought to be included in every scenic London photo. The press should be contacting his people soon.

  16. Lindsay

    Cuter than cute!!! I laugh my ass off everytime!!!

  17. micah

    that kid parties more than me and janelle combined

  18. Auntie Fig

    LOVE THIS! What a cool video. And can I have that pic of the three of you at the end? That is begging for a frame in my house 🙂

  19. yael

    Thanks everyone! This just means Bryan will have to help me do another one next year. Victory!

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