all is calm, all is bright

Lately  have been singing Silent Night to Jonah to calm him. That song is so beautiful it almost makes me want to convert. Take note, missionaries.

Primarily due to Jonah’s Jewish grandmother, and a few others, his first Hanukkah was a success. And the wrapping paper was delicious.

Friday was a lovely good-bye sendoff for Bryan at his office. Gifts, words, a slideshow, and we surprised him by showing up.

Then Saturday we had a Hanukkah party to mark the end of the holiday. I have finally found, I think, the potato latke recipe for success. It is a mix of my mother’s and a family friend’s. I also used a family friend’s recipe for brisket. Jewish food can be yum-o. Come to our next thang and I’ll show you.

Sunday evening Bryan declared the Jets curse is over in our family. He does “not want Jonah to be subjected to the same misery”. Might be too late.

And then today. Today. The fourth day in the past week of snow in London. It may not be sticking, but this has to be a record in itself.

The big weather news out of the mid-Atlantic in the U.S. over the weekend also meant my annual bout of homesickness for that beautiful pure whiting out that you can only see for a few minutes in a city, a couple days in the suburbs and for ages in the country. My parents both live in Virginia about one hour apart from each other. Snow… the great unifier. I was very pleased to see that both sets of parents sent me gorgeous photos, including their respective pets knee-deep in the powder. And both sets were invited to impromptu dinners by close-by neighbors they had not previously befriended. And both reported great times. So from afar I say, thank you snow.



And speaking of missionaries and Hanukkah, my father thought you might like to hear a Hanukkah song penned by a Mormon senator. Mormons are just so good at everything! Except beer pong.



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12 responses to “all is calm, all is bright

  1. Awesomeness! Thanks for the nice shout out to us Mormons 🙂

  2. Pleban

    So I wrote an “M” on my hand this morning to remind me to do something, and now I can’t remember what the M stands for.

    I just thought you’d like to know…. being that you are the best back-of-the-hand-note-writer that I’ve ever met.

  3. NeNe

    What gorgeous photos! And, you’ll be gratified to know that they make your flat look HUGE. Jonah, of course, continues to be the most photogenic child on the planet (the planet of Me). Go, latkes. And brisket. Go, snow. As long as it is really deep and easy to shovel. Have I covered everything? Oh wait:I applaud you from afar, PC. Standing ovation, of course.

  4. NeNe

    One more: That one of you and Jonah goes up on my Wall of Fame. I’m finished now.

  5. Sarah

    Latke recipe, please! The pics of Jonah are to die for – he is obscenely cute.

    • yael

      Now you are my new favorite commenter. See how objective I am about my son.

      2 large potatoes peeled and shredded with a hand shredder on the big holes
      1/2 small onion peeled and shredded the same way
      1 tsp salt
      1/4 tsp pepper
      1-2 tbl flour
      1 tsp baking powder
      nutmeg to taste
      LOTS of peanut oil

      Multiply recipe by # of potatoes. Mix shredded potatoes and onion. Squeeze out and drain as much excess liquid as possible. (Splashes of lemon juice will prevent browning of the potato while grating.)

      Separately mix egg, flour, baking powder, S&P and nutmeg. Pour into potato mixture. Mix with hands.

      In a frying pan, electric frying pan, or cast iron pan, heat about 1/4 inch of oil (at least) over medium heat. Drop potato mixture in by heaping spoonfuls. Can slightly flatten. Turn once browned on one side (happens fast). As soon as cooked on both sides, cool on a wire cooling rack (this is key to not getting a bunch of soggy latkes. Never stack them!).

      Serve immediately when warm and crisp with a side of sour cream and a side of applesauce.

      Can freeze ahead. First have to freeze in a single layer on a sheet of wax paper. Once frozen, can transfer all to a bag or container.

      Reheat on a wire rack over a cookie sheet at 250 degrees F until crisp.

  6. poren

    I think the Jewish god made sure I have a horrible voice so I can never sing holy night and be tempted to convert. So f-ing sneaky…

    Also, did your amazing bangs make a triumphant return for the holidays??? Loves!

    Plus, I add my vote for Jonah as cutest boy baby ever. (I have a niece, girl baby category is taken).

    Oh, and, didn’t I win a freeze-dried latke last year??? Can I collect now?;)

    • yael

      I am a late responder… but you rule poren for noticing the bangs. I gave Hiroko an ultimatum.

      Oh shoot, I owe you a latke. Btw, I like that you call your tree a Jewish tree instead of a Hanukkah tree.

  7. toshalot

    OOOOhhhh! Great family pic at that holiday party. Everyone in the CEB pic looks like they graduated from my class at Georgetown. Renee looks so adorable in that snow pic. I love Jonah.

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