the last of those tgif’s

Our flat smells like latkes and to commemorate something about the Maccabees a few hundred centuries ago, I intend to post photos of said latkes (I might have really perfected them this year) as well as Jonah in all his Hanukkah glory. But today is Bryan’s last day of ten years with the same company and that feels more topical. And more important. (Although my latkes are also important. Importantly delicious.)

Bryan went to work for CEB ten years ago, when we were just months into our courtship. Although this would mean I would no longer work day-to-day along side my office crush, I was confident enough in our relationship that I could be excited for him. He was moving to an office ten blocks away and I will never forget that he mapped everything out (long before google maps and iPhones) and found a little park halfway between out two offices. We used to meet for lunch there in the summertime and have romantic little picnics. We were 23 years-old.

During his time there he has changed roles, teams, moved up, received new titles and many accolades. He is humble about these things but not me. He was the top salesperson in the entire company one year and that won us a ten-day cruise on the maiden Caribbean voyage of the QM2. I happily skipped a week of law school. His life in that place has meant a lot of nice trips for us, incentives from the company for a job well done. I often joked to him that he better never leave because damn I would miss those. But of course the reality is that Bryan worked his a** off every day of his life. I admire how loyal he is when he goes to work for someone, and how strong and straight his workplace morals are. He arrives early every day, he will be the only one to show up when it is snowing, he is reluctant to leave until basically everyone else has, he never misses an email on his BlackBerry and has worked at home almost every Sunday as long as I can remember.

While this longevity and dedication to a job may not be remarkable in the grand scheme of the world, it is to me. I am incredibly proud of who Bryan is in the workplace. And I am excited that he begins anew in January.



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6 responses to “the last of those tgif’s

  1. Joe

    There are many reasons why I like Cap, but his work ethic and his humility are in the top five. (His jump shot is not in the top five.)

  2. I always said that point guard for the Knicks was my dream job, but alas, as Joe points out, the lack of a jump shot held me back. If not for that, I’d totally be in the starting 5 this year.

  3. B.D.P.P. Butch

    That kind of commitment runs in the family, and we are delighted that Bryan maintains the tradition. I started work today at about 6:00AM. Of course, I’ll clock out well before lunch time, but it’s the thought that counts.

  4. Good luck to your hubby on the new job. Sounds like you guys have been busy with lots of holiday parties. I’m totally jealous!

  5. toshalot

    ahhh, bry, such a good man 🙂

  6. sonjey

    Beautifully said….thank you, yael..

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