Yesterday my brother sent me this youtube clip that has gone viral, aided I am sure by a mention in The Huffington Post:

I smiled because (a) it is awesome and (b) it was perfectly timed.

Today is my stepmom, Michele’s, birthday. I couldn’t seem to get myself together this year to send a card or gift on time (if ever) and so the blog will have to do. Michele is a breast cancer survivor. But you may not know it if you meet her. Michele is a lot of amazing things and one of them is humble.

She spent forever and a decade working on Capitol Hill and when she had paid her dues and could retire, she got to work for real. She trained to be a master gardener, runs half marathons, cares for her aging mother, volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children and spends much of her time and energy opening up the world for her two little “sisters” through Big Brothers/Big Sisters. It’s not unusual for me to call my dad and find out that Michele has taken the girls to the beach, to an ice skating show, paid for summer camp, or is engaged in an ambitious arts & crafts project. Their lives are no doubt infinitely better because of Michele.

I have mentioned before that Bryan and I have the unique pleasure of having divorced parents who all partnered up with people without children. Do the math and that means my brothers and I and Bryan and his sister are the center of the universe for about 9,683 people. And then for Jonah, forget about it. Michele is part of this great supporting cast. I am sure when I met her as a teenager, I was less than magnanimous. But she has always been there for me and my brothers and asks nothing in return. She loves us and makes the special moments in our lives even more special with her thoughtfulness. She is kindness personified.

It can’t be easy being a stepmom. At least at first. I have seem the Julia Roberts movie, okay. But I am so glad Michele is here, and healthy. Happy Birthday, Grandma MiMi! Now make my dad do something nice.



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3 responses to “stepmom

  1. sonjey

    Awww, Happy Birthday MiMi!

  2. snosh

    Yay! Happy birthday, Michelle!

  3. NeNe

    Happy Birthday Grandma MiMi!!!

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