thanksgiving recap

I am thankful for having two Thanksgivings. And also for my son, family, friends, health, great looks and cunning wit.

Bryan and I realized the other day that in the last ten years we have had Thanksgiving in Pullman WA, Long Island, Florida, Arlington, VA, Fredericksburg VA, London and Charleston SC. It’s one thing to have rigid and inflexible traditions and then it’s another to make family a priority, no matter where they are in the world. So I’m also thankful for that- for adventurous and dedicated kin.

Thanksgiving #1 was on Thursday and we celebrated with my visiting family. Janelle made all the food because she’s good like that. Micah played with Jonah because he’s good like that. My mom and I were in charge of ambiance and Bryan was in charge of the xbox. Because he’s lame like that. I made everyone wear Christmas crowns because, I don’t know, I am omnipotent that way.

Thanksgiving #2 was with friends on Saturday. We left before dessert in a blaze of overtired screaming baby glory. But not before soaking in some good expat goodness. Americans abroad create pseudo families to remind us of home and it makes holidays that much more special.



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3 responses to “thanksgiving recap

  1. oh i love the crowns!!! and that food looked divine!!

  2. Aunt Barky

    That picture of Jonah reminds me of the little boy in the Christmas Story who can’t put his arms down. Adorable!

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