sultana bran

I just keep thinking I will wake up as a great and dutiful blogger. And then instead I wake up disheveled, tired and starving for sultana bran.

Sultana bran, you say? That is a generic and British version of Raisin Bran. And I have no idea why, because I generally do not care for raisins, but it’s now one of two things that I eat constantly. Around the clock. In lieu of all other foods. Sultana bran and pretzels. Which I also hate. And which are pretty American (or maybe German- who the hell knows or cares), but we found a decent version in this country.

It’s weird but I actually spend a good part of each day of my life standing in the kitchen, opening the fridge, closing it, opening a cupboard, closing it, repeating each step multiple times, weighing options, calculating things in my head, and then I eat an entire bag of pretzels. Sometimes dipped in humus but often plain. Or I eat sultana bran, unless we’re out of milk. Or out of sultana bran. And then I eat pretzels. I don’t know how it happened that I eat constantly two things I don’t like that much- why I am so obsessed- how this all came to pass. What is ambivalent, repetitive eating? What does it mean? When Bryan goes out of town and I have no compelling reason to cook, it’s like a sultana bran free-for-all up in here.

In a desperate attempt to expand my breakfast repertoire, I recently asked Bryan to make me toast. When he brought me the slice I asked why he only buttered the middle. “It melts”, he said. I am pretty sure that’s not how butter works- at least not the physics involved with toasted bread. I really hate when the outside is not delicious.

So the point was I am a lame blogger. And that’s one of my favorite topics to blog about. Anyway, sorry. Sorry sorry sorry.

There’s a lot I should be writing about. But this post is coming to you while my family is currently living la bonne vie en France. My mom, Micah, Janelle and our little threesome are all in Paris seeing the sights, showing Jonah how to be a world traveler. Also we are looking hard for mini-berets.

Then we all had back to London for a proper American Thanksgiving. I am shocked by how available and heavily marketed American Thanksgiving products are in London. No, no I am not.

It will be a wonderful beginning to a happy holiday season that we are looking forward to in London. Big changes. Bryan has accepted a job with a new company to start in the new year and so now we are firmly entrenched in London for a time. Or forever. Who knows. Only adonai. And Miss Cleo.



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7 responses to “sultana bran

  1. B.D.P.P. Butch

    You should not be surprised that Thanksgiving- appropriate food stuffs are available in the UK. After all, the participants at the one in Plymouth in 1621, and the one in Jamestown in 1619, were (with the exception of the Indian guests) all citizens of England, so it is, in a sense, an English holiday.

  2. Aunt Connie

    You’re in Paris and you’re blogging about Sultana Bran. Something’s wrong here!

  3. sonjey

    Ha ha, just eat well and enjoy the family so Jonah can reap from the good food digested! can we see a pic of our little turkey?

  4. Sonya

    Jealous. I’ve been seriously craving Paris lately. Have fun!

  5. NeNe

    I do the same thing. If someone could figure out a way to attach weights to the fridge door, we could all be exercising while we are opening and closing it.

  6. snosh

    wow, Bryan. really? only buttering the middle of the toast. i agree w Yael. i like all ends of my toast tasty. even though i inevitably always throw away the last corner. but that is a whole ‘nother story about my neuroses …

    new job? staying in london? so now i can plan my own trip to london and you can put me on the 2010 weekend calendar?

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