i don’t even know what to say

In case you haven’t seen it (but let’s face it, I am the last to see everything), it’s worth clicking on every page. Also, I am from a different country. Please?

(Thanks Faye.)

Also, a note on time. I finally got used to the 24 hour clock… you know, military time. But I cannot get used to the way the Brits say “half six” to mean “six thirty” as a time of day. I say it sometimes to fit in but I always feel like I’ll be found out as an imposter. Honestly though, I will say it for the rest of my life if it means I never have to run into an American wearing a fart tshirt.



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4 responses to “i don’t even know what to say

  1. mira

    Yeah this started circulating a little while ago and honestly it makes me want to, um, move to another country. I’m a little sad that a LOT of the photos are from Virginia!

  2. I love the “half six” thing, fewer syllables than “half past” or “whatever thirty” … just practice when you’re home alone and you’ll get used to how it sounds 🙂

  3. NeNe

    Has someone thought of making this a coffee table book?

  4. snosh

    its kind of like here in california when you offer someone an x or a y and they respond, “its two sixes or a dozen” or something bizarre like that. what? why can’t they just say, “its all the same to me” ?

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