a cornucopia of awesomeness

I have no idea why I couldn’t blog for a whole week. I am just going to go ahead and chalk it up to exhaustion, kay? Jonah is not one of those babies that sleeps through the night. Not even close.

First things first, we took friends and saw Louis CK do stand up Saturday night. Oh sweet J*sus, thank you for coming to London. (youtube him since they disabled my clip)

So I am not sure if my 7 readers are still out there, but in case you are- please help yourself to the following (straight from my Gmail inbox to you):

This my brother Josh’s desktop background on his work computer. Best desktop ever.


Josh also recently took this photo of his newlywed in Napa. I can’t believe he took it, and I never get tired of looking at it. Maybe it will make you happy too.


Trina turned hers into a unicorn. Bryan and I ate mine as placenta parm. The possibilities are just endless. See for yourself here.

Mira’s friends had 15 minutes of fame after taking a photograph every single day of their son’s first year. Check it:

And finally, let’s talk about American tv again. I confess that I have not tried even one of the shows you all were generous enough to suggest some time ago. But that’s because I barely watch tv these days. Sad because it was my one true hobby in life. Bryan has so many hobbies… golf, tennis, watching sports, fantasy sports, guitar, xbox, iPhone applications, writing terse emails to our landlord, etc. I am so boring. So let’s discuss this article my friend David sent us, The Best TV Shows of the 00’s:

  1. The Wire: yes
  2. The Sopranos: fair enough
  3. Arrested Development: oh hells yeah (I feel really white so far)
  4. Freaks and Geeks: shame, never saw it, shame
  5. Mad Men: one day I will actually watch this
  6. Breaking Bad: need to see it (loved him on MITM)
  7. The Office UK: yes, yes, yes
  8. Lost: at least for the first few seasons
  9. Deadwood: cannot bring myself to watch this
  10. The Shield: no interest
  11. The Office US: yes and yes. Kelly Kapoor. And Nard Dog.
  12. Battlestar Galactica: sigh
  13. 30 Rock: only because of Tracy Morgan
  14. Futurama: can’t do it
  15. Veronic Mars: are you serious?
  16. Friday Night Lights: WHY IS THIS ALL THE WAY DOWN AT #16???
  17. Firefly: yawn
  18. How I Met Your Mother: I mean…okay, maybe I would feel differently if I had ever seen an episode outside of a commercial airline flight
  19. Big Love: yes, because it went old school and brought villains back
  20. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: need to see this
  21. Curb Your Enthusiasm: oh yes
  22. Six Feet Under: alright
  23. Undeclared: what?
  24. Dexter: I will try this… am worried I will always think of him as a gay brother
  25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: not for me
  26. The Venture Bros.: who?
  27. Flight of the Conchords: Murray and Mel are amazing
  28. Eastbound & Down: why?
  29. Wonder Showzen: where?
  30. The West Wing: NO.

Notable absences? I say Scrubs, Family Guy, Season 1 of Gray’s Anatomy and omg, Entourage because Ari Gold and Lloyd…period (full stop).



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8 responses to “a cornucopia of awesomeness

  1. Sarah

    How I Met Your Mother is pretty great – give it a chance. Plus, the 20 minute episodes are easy to get through. I agree on Scrubs (although it’s a shame that they are returning for another season – with half the cast – after the best-ever finale last year, which followed the lamest-ever finale the year before…).

  2. Aunt Barky

    Love that picture of Kaci. WHY IS DEXTER ONLY 24? That show is the best.

    -Loyal Reader #1 (maybe 2 after your mom….maybe).

  3. Elizabeth

    Veronica Mars was awesome and totally deserves to be on that list. She’s one of the best tv heroines ever.

  4. Big Bro

    The Shield and Battlestar Galactica really are that good.

  5. Carrie

    The real question is how Gossip Girl is omitted from the line-up. Yes, it’s targeted at tweens (and, ahem, 30-year-old women I suppose), but so is Veronica Mars, no? The show that the Daily Intel writers at NY Mag have dubbed “the greatest show of our time” should at least get a look, right?

    I agree on Family Guy as well. Have you seen the “Roadhouse” episode from week before last? Hysterical. And I also enjoy Eastbound and Down. What’s not to love about a mullet-wearing redneck former MLB pitcher who now is substitute teaching in a middle school gym class?!

  6. erica

    i ditto “how i met your mother.” watch a few more episodes and you’ll get hooked. i definitely think it’s got your sense of humor.

    did you miss american tv when you guys moved? i’m a complete addict and i’m not sure how i’m going to do it for 3 months when i’m in london!

  7. toshalot

    uhm, YES love that pic on josh’s screen. LOVE it!
    uhm, that video of lex is adorable.
    uhm, boooo to you that you don’t like Buffy cuz its da BOMB!
    and … where’s golden girls?

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