thank you for the laughs


Ahhhhhhhhhh. I did it. I actually did it. Didn’t think I would. And then

all of the sudden

I read somewhere that Mindy Kaling twitters. And it was a foregone conclusion that I would join too. And it’s worth it. Her Kelly Kapoor page is simply a bonus.

So it turns out right now I can handle Twitter more than Facebook. I can be totally passive and instead laugh out loud, LOUDLY, at the people I am “following”.

A random sampling of some recent faves:

Lo Boswoth (she of The Hills): ..every person deserves access to affordable healthcare..

Rachel Zoe: I am not at one with sweats outside the house or gym, but try harem pants or wide-leg jeans…just as comfy!

Jim Gaffigan: Just saw someone in a fur coat walking a dog. “I love to take care of animals AND wear them!” If only they were holding a burger.

shitmydadsays: “If mom calls, tell her I’m shitting… Son, marriage is about not having to lie about taking a shit.

badbanana: By my count, Jim Carrey only has one more iconic Christmas role to ruin. Two, if you include baby Jesus.

Tracy Morgan: For $15 I’ll induce your labor

OchoCinco (he makes me want to understand football): Dear lord you’re mistake free, please don’t forsake me, i will let your (our) light shine today, luck isn’t needed<–enjoy today’s event and Ravens Prayer: dear lord please forgive me for the sins I’m getting ready commit, for they don’t know I’m one of your children! Amen

Mindy Kaling: it was a terrific day, professionally, personally, and also, i did not shower and ate bacon

Facebook right now for me is the opposite. Completely un-funny, boring, sometimes depressing, and another reminder of my shortcomings. Ugh, I forgot to upload photos of my baby/trip/holiday. My phone is too old-school for mobile uploads. I tagged someone in a bikini and now she is mad. I wrote a status update and no one commented. I looked at 200 photos of someone I haven’t spoken to in 20 years and the pathetic vortex just sucked precious time away from my dwindling maternity leave. Need I go on?

Sure I miss little things like updates from my friends, the email function, birthday reminders and the 5% of photos that I actually wanted to see. And it’s highly likely that I will now never see another photo of my nephews or find out my cousin is pregnant in a timely fashion. But Facebook and I are taking a break. You know what’s cool? You can “deactivate” in about one second and if you ever change your mind, it takes one second to log back in and voila! everything is there. If you want the challenge of life without FB, try it. It’s like a liquid diet, a fast, a colonic. See if you don’t feel a wee bit lighter.

So can you all please join Twitter? Or create a blog? I am boring myself here. Tell me who to follow. I am a novice too.



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6 responses to “thank you for the laughs

  1. Jeremy

    Word on the street is that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is on twitter. You should follow her. Winston Churchill’s great grandson is also big in the twit-o-sphere….

    Me? I choose not to tweet.

  2. Carrie

    Like most people who follow a few blogs, I have thought about joining Twitter so that I can continue to pretend I am friends with people I don’t actually know, but Lord knows I do not need another way to be CONNECTED (yes, in all caps) at all times. However, I’m interested in hearing what you think about the service. I find that I am friends with too many people on Facebook and don’t get to read the status updates from those I really care about (like Bryan Greenberg, of Prime, October Road and One Tree Hill fame, and Taylor Swift).

  3. poren

    i joined twitter a while ago but have never tweeted bc getting emails that people you have never heard of are “following” you is just plain scary. I mean can they just say “reading”?? Plus I am a giant stalker myself and love other people’s pictures-which reminds me that I just took like 100 pictures of my cats that I should totally upload to FB, kidding!!

  4. micah

    please no. not this.

    i miss the late 90’s.

  5. NeNe

    Who is Mindy Kahling and what is the connection between showering and eating bacon?

  6. sonjey

    Whatever you do, don’t stop blogging. How could I go on without pics of scenic London, your daily, delicious meals and my beautiful grandson!

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