jesus, don’t cry


Saw Wilco last night with friends. Was v. v. v. fun.

But more important than that- I made a Shepherd’s Pie this week. If that, plus the fact that I use the words “ages” and “loads” quite often, does not qualify me for British citizenship then I give up. (It’s because I used Quorn instead of meat/mince, right? Sigh.)

IMG_0912 IMG_0915



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8 responses to “jesus, don’t cry

  1. Elizabeth

    If it isn’t lamb, it isn’t shepherd’s pie.

  2. Aunt Barky

    Now you have to promptly mail me a piece of that Shepherd’s Pie. Come on, I’m pregnant, indulge my cravings.

  3. Danglers

    Did you email Mike Woods or Linda to get the original Pies recipe?

  4. sonjey

    metal face= did I give birth to that?

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