giving and receiving

Okay, so I am a little buzzed here. We had a babysitter, you know. I will mail you the products shown in this video if I randomly select your name/fake name/anonymous name from the comments during a drawing. Feel free to tell me what I should do in London, what I should blog about, or whether I need to hit the fake tanner and eyebrow threading again (I look so sickly here. Buzzed though. Remember?)

Btw- Best pub name ever: Filthy Macnasty’s.

Will my decade-long boycott of Ugg boots last? I feel it eroding cold winter after cold winter…


Drumroll… Anthropologie just came to Europe!!!! I visited their flagship store on Regent Street this week. It was as beautiful as befits the brand. And as expensive. Who can afford it? I can’t. Makes me think I should have gone into Finance. But then if I was in Finance I wouldn’t wear Anthropologie, you know? That’s the conundrum of it all. But man it was entertaining to watch all the teenage English Topshop basement-dwelling refugees milling around the store, wide-eyed with wonder at the bright lights and boho chic. They didn’t know what to make of the total lack of black pantyhose.

IMG_8281 IMG_8283



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26 responses to “giving and receiving

  1. Sarah

    I think that the first commenter deserves to win.

  2. Figlet

    I am commenting! I am commenting! I love me some scary cake. I also say you start doing more video posts.

  3. Take me out of the competition, because I’ve never liked those Mr Kipling Fancies, and because I LOVE Cadbury’s mini rolls but definitely not with blackcurrant (who thought of that one?)

    But I DO have a suggestion for what you could be doing in the UK at this time of year. Have you heard of Guy Fawkes night? Also known as Fireworks night? Also known as Bonfire night? It’s what we used to do before we knew about Hallowe’en (I know you enjoy that apostrophe…)

    It’s not really a London thing, as it usually involves a large open space and a big fire, but you might find some activity or other. It also usually involves standing around aimlessly for a long time, in the cold, which makes it a very British experience.

  4. Pleban

    You don’t know the story of Rudy the Reindeer? What rock have you been under?
    Goes like this: Rudy didn’t have the grades to get into Santa’s Premier reindeer stable, so he went to a smaller community-run stable nearby for a couple years to get his grades up. When Rudy finally got accepted into Santa’s Premier reindeer stable, he wasn’t big enough to be part of the team of reindeer pulling Santa’s Official Sleigh – but he showed so much heart and toughness, that Santa let Rudy pull the Sleigh around for practice. During one X-mas there was a rash of injuries to the reindeer that pulled Santa’s Official Sleigh, and even though Santa still didn’t want to promote Rudy to the Official Sleigh, all the other reindeers stood up for him and convinced Santa to let Rudy make that tackle on a kickoff in the final game of the season. The End.

    Also, I like the video… but perhaps we can use a tripod next time? I’m getting a little queasy with all the bobbing around…

    • yael

      Pleban, W E L L done! It could almost be an FNL episode. They call him “Rudi” here which is just because the Euros are so fruity. I’m thinking you meant he was a footballer, no?

      And Bryan, did you hear that? Tripod next time.

  5. Please don’t hate on my FlipVideo skills. In my defense, I had 2 glasses of Oban in me.

  6. sonjey

    all i care about is going shopping with Jonah…. at Anthropologie!

  7. Elizabeth Isabella

    Mmmm blackcurrant. Does everyone there still drink Ribena?

  8. mdouris25

    Okay, how does your hair still look that fabulous after already having been out for the night?! Who can notice the necessity (or lack thereof) for eyebrow threading, when distracted by great side swept bangs?

    And Pleban beat me to the “Rud(i)y” story. Do you think all the other reindeer chant “Rud(i)y!” “Rud(i)y!” “Rud(i)y!” right before the sleigh takes off on Christmas Eve?

    And No. (zero, zilch, nada, nought) Uggs. Please.

  9. Yes, Guy Fawkes night is great – and they have a good celebration on Clapham Common, we did it a couple of times!

  10. erica

    resist the ugg temptation! be strong 😉

  11. I won’t eat mince meat pies since I watched this video about what they do to those poor minces. Here it is:

  12. Wow, that worked out great. I didn’t know it would post the video!

  13. Erin

    You should do your next video blog with me sitting next to you. You will look crazy tan and healthy… If it helps, you can refer back to the street visit picture with me, and see that your skin tone is a gift from God.

  14. NeNe

    I think I won the last contest of which I NEVER got my prize which was supposed to be Yorkshire pudding and you will say I didn’t get it because I haven’t been to London since winning, but that is a technicality anyway, so I think you should blog about why you have totally withdrawn from Facebook and how this will benefit the world and then give the prize to the person who wrote the longest sentence even though it was stupid.

  15. tosha

    you’re cute.

    i want uggs kinda too … but i would settle for a bobo pair bc i only want them bc they look warm and i am always always cold.

    bobos. remember?

  16. misschicago

    Re: the black tights mentality — its everywhere and shocking really. especially when they wear sheer ones as pants.!

  17. Carrie

    Okay, so this comment is late and kind of random, but the title of this post reminded me of a funny Joey storyline on Friends. Is it lame that I like Friends? Well, I don’t care. Anyway, you can find it around 2:05 on this youtube clip:

    • yael

      Totally not lame. In fact, v. impressed you remembered and found the bit. You should challenge yourself and see how often you can connect something to an old episode.

      In fact, I do that with Oprah. I know that is actually lame.

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