you’re better than that

Yesterday Bryan was very excited about his first-ever blog post. He checked it 15 times. Maybe we can throw him a comment or two? Do it for Mark Sanchez.



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4 responses to “you’re better than that

  1. I don’t need your pity comments. I think we all know that was the best blog post EVER that combined both the NFL in London and Toni Braxton.

  2. Big Bro

    I emailed Bryan’s part to some friends. The part about Jacksonville was funny. If I tried to throw Bry a comment in honor of Mark Sanchez it would probably be intercepted.

  3. NeNe

    Wow. Good one, Joshy.

    We love you, PC. We are also in awe of you. Is there no end to your accomplishments?

  4. Together, you make a beautiful blog!!!!!
    Maybe we could call in Bry and Yael plus Whale (a.k.a.) Jonah!!!

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