my camera is a much better blogger than me

Last weekend we went to all-you-can-eat Thai buffet with friends. The appetizer room alone is worth a trip to London. Or Dubai, apparently. I was laughing on the way to the tube… for some reason men in their thirties pushing strollers/buggies is funny. I’m sexist, I know. Btw, that’s Noah and he’s an even bigger Jets fan than Bryan.


(Which reminds me- the Jets game on Sunday went into overtime and so this is how I awoke at 1am: Bryan sitting on the bed in the dark feeding a bottle to Jonah with one hand while the other was holding his laptop with the game on. And he was saying over and over in a menacing tone, “same old Jets…same old Jets.” So basically, even with help I am not allowed to sleep.)

Love means making eggplant/aubergine parm for your man even though you freaking hate the vegetable.


The ladies at my nail salon are very happy to babysit Jonah while the men there do my nails. This lady asked for a picture to be taken with her camera. There are so many possibilities for where in the London Vietnamese social scene this photo may end up. I feel a New Yorker-style caption contest coming on…


I went to a Baby Show this past weekend. Seriously.

IMG_8215 IMG_8224

Phil arrived for a visit starting Sunday. You may remember Phil from a brief stint in guestblogging. He is referred to by some as “Bryan’s husband.” He wanted to do something very London-y so today they went to a cemetery. Okay!

IMG_0838 IMG_0841

Here are some things I love about our neighborhood. You might just see a man selling garlic and onions off a bike.


We might just run into our hairdresser.


London’s most fantastic department store might just be selling limited edition NFL shirts. Okay! It’s actually for Sunday’s NFL game at Wembley Stadium.


Gastropubs make macaroni cheese (no ampersand in the British version) so pretty.




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3 responses to “my camera is a much better blogger than me

  1. NeNe

    Is that a pregnant man?

  2. toshalot

    hmm that mac looks good!

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