rewind III: li

Important post-script to yesterday. It turns out “IJS” was already well established as an acronym. Summer pointed this out to me but she refuses to comment directly on this blog so she only gets partial credit. Full credit now goes to this website– where I also learned that it could stand for Indian Journal of Surgery.

Before I can move on to the loveliest of autumns in London, we have to complete our rewinding from days long ago. I didn’t forget you, Long Island.

We spent the two weekends bookending our Manhattan adventures on Long Island. First one was Jonah and me to see Bryan’s mom and sister’s family for the weekend. Yes, without Bryan. Some people can handle and thrive with their in-laws all by themselves. The second weekend Bryan came and his dad and Bug flew up from Florida to meet the wee one. As always, a tour in pictures:

Jonah “swam” for the first time in water. Excluding his daily bath and those 40 weeks in amniotic fluid.

IMG_8756 IMG_8768

My nephews are 1 and 3 and as fun and often-naked as those ages dictate.

IMG_8749 IMG_9198 IMG_9207

We tried to take a group photo in matching outfits but it was sort of like posing a cricket, Rainman and a lump of melting play-dough.

IMG_8853 IMG_8884 IMG_8892 IMG_8897 IMG_8903 IMG_8910

“Guys…hey, guys?…”


Meeting Poppy and Buggy


Poppy’s crew


Nanny’s crew


The new generation


Quick trivia question: If you’re at an event on Long Island in someone’s home and it’s catered, what will they serve? More friends and family came to meet Big Baby at Sonjey’s. He met his great-Grandma.


Charlie called Mister Softee and told him to come for the kids. Well, I am not sure Mister Softee himself was actually driving.

IMG_9554 IMG_9566

You know what’s fun every time? When divorced parents stand next to each other, everyone shouts, “The band is getting back together!!”




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5 responses to “rewind III: li

  1. sonjey

    What fun to relive those two weeks. The MY THREE GRANDSONS’ pictures are hysterical….Don’t ya think???

  2. Jeremy

    That’s so easy – what is this, amateur hour? Catering will be one of two things: (a) Sandwiches from some mediocre yet expensive deli (if the host is jewish, don’t be surprised to see “tongue” sandwiches) or (b) trays of lasagna/baked ziti etc.

  3. poren

    Can we discuss that Yael is three months out and wearing a bikini??? Sick. Yael, you are a rockstar!Heidi has nothing on you. ijs.oh, and your son is really cute too.

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